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You know, as my eyes rolled at the appearance of another gasbag entry from Sir Haselton the Long-Winded this morning, I knew that I should be thankful. That in the past there were more annoying personalities in the past. I just couldn't remember any of them.

Thank you, A.C. Thank you for reminding me of that clown.

Comment Re:fud (Score 5, Insightful) 499 499

no awareness of reality or real business.

Fuck your "business". I remember a different web. I remember a web that actually HAD content. It might not have been as polished. It might not have been as social. But there was untold original content. I remember a web where if someone put up a list of things, they just put up a list. On one page. They didn't string it out over several pages for ad impressions. I remember being curious about something simple, querying %searchengine%, and being able to glean the answer from the results. I didn't have to click through for the benefit of someone's metrics. Your "business" has enabled nothing great that I have ever seen. Your "business" makes the web uglier, noisier, and less helpful. Your "business" introduces lame presentation formats and (thanks to insecure hosting) opens my less knowledgeable friends and family to malware infections that they probably wouldn't encounter on their own.

You say your business pays for the web? Guess what. If the entire advertising industry were to dry up tonight, there would still be people putting things on the web tomorrow. Next week. Next month. Next year. Because people want to express themselves. The bar might be set a little higher. Content producers might have to pony up a bit to be heard. But content will still be produced.

If every bit of O.C. disappeared overnight, how long do you think people would stay online looking at your ads?


Comment Re: fud (Score 5, Insightful) 499 499

Less content?

I feel like there was MUCH more content on the web 10 years ago. Now everything is crosslinked or reposted.

Less content. If ad blocking can stop the existence of link aggregators like oddee and their ilk the practice will have done the web a great service.

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