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Comment: Re:FB2K FTW (Score 1) 400

by xeoron (#45477627) Attached to: Winamp Shutting Down On December 20
Foobar2000 has never locked up on me and I have a huge collection, which is a mix of mp3, ogg, and flac files whether the audio is stored on a local Seagate Hybrid Drive and from a mirrored copy on a NAS, but I mostly use it on Linux and OS X with the help of WINE. Winamp use to be a fast lightweight program, but it is not, while Foobar2000 still is, so maybe the problem you had was caused by one of add-on extension. I have had that happen with Firefox and Chrome maybe it completely unresponsive or sluggish, so it stands to reason this could also occur with Foobar2000.

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by xeoron (#45473539) Attached to: Not All USB Power Is Created Equal
I had the same problem with my Nexus 7 (2012), until I did these four things. 1) Go into the system settings and in the section for Apps and kill any process running that you don't want to run. 2) Uninstall the power hungry apps that are always running that you really don't use much or at all. 3) In the Play store go into your settings and tell it to not auto update 4) Install Deep Sleep Battery Saver Pro to tweak how the device will act with regards to power usage while asleep or with the screen merely off (there is a free version, but the pro gives you more power saving options). By doing these things I have went from having a N7 that had a fast power drain even when asleep, nor charge when asleep, to one that keeps power 10 times longer and charges while sleeping.

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by xeoron (#44470119) Attached to: Samsung Smart TV: Basically a Linux Box Running Vulnerable Web Apps
I don't believe that. I may have a smart tv, but I rarely use it for those features (which are often turned off), since I have a 3rd Gen Roku that I use for Netflix, Amazon Video, and my favorite channel Plex to play all my content (music, pictures, videos, custom plex web- content channels) that are hosted on my Mac Mini Plex Server (works on other Roku versions, but I was finding it sluggish to get content loaded on a my 1st Gen, while fast on the 3rd gen). I bought Panasonic 42inch 2013 smart tv on sale for 60% off via Amazon on my birthday because the price could not be beat for the quality and feature set. The Smart TV does have a special version of Netflix that is nice where when it loads the service where it asks if you want to use the Kids or Adult version of the site. I also like that if my Roku dies, I can still access various services.

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by xeoron (#43681335) Attached to: Real World Stats Show Chromebooks Are Struggling
I have a Acer Chromebook that I got from BestBuy for $57 bucks (after using a gift card) and it is wonderful for anything web related. You can even use SSH on it via a Chrome Extension to access other machines. With programing in the web-browser, to remote access via ssh or logmein, most things can be done using a Chromebook. I started to use mine as a loaner when fixing peoples computers, and what I found surprising is that most people, especially older folk, whom struggle with using a computer, love that it just works to get online, is fast, nothing to worry about security and infections, and is perfect for someone on the go or traveling. My only complaint is lack of being able to access network drives with the file manager. Google please fix this! My NAS supports SMB/Cliff, AFP, Bonjour, and NFS, yet the file manager only see local files. Being Linux, you would think that it would, at least, have NFS support.

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