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Comment Re:Amazon? (Score 1) 106

But do you understand the definition of "asshole" in this context?

Because when all you do is
a. Lie "it does not pin it on Amazon" (The headline most certainly does.)
b. Talk about yourself "I'm in IT"
c. Be a dick "I also understand the definition of 'through' in this context"

It's clear you're either a narcissistic sociopath or just an asshole.
That's why I asked if you know the definition.


Comment Turd Sandwich ... or Giant Douche (Score 1) 184

He meets all of the qualifications to run.... ...and he could even pardon himself for that murder in Belize... ...but lacks all the skills necessary to represent 319 million US Citizens.

Still... it would be the quickest way to get the Executive (including the DoJ)
to lay off pot... and he's not as loony as Donald Trump.


Comment Re:Exceeds state authority (Score 3, Informative) 192

Very true. No idea why you're modded down to 0... you're correct.

Only the FAA has jurisdiction. The California State government can pass as
many measure as it takes for them to be blue in the face, but they have no
force of law and a simple hearing removed to US District Court would
resolve that in a heartbeat.

However, politicians posturing and appearing to "do something" is what it
really is... and that's nothing new.

Ehud Gavron
FAA commercial helicopter pilot

Comment Alcohol-free Whiskey (Score 1) 67

I love Scotch Whiskey (or the Japanese Scotch-style whiskey) but the doc says no more alcohol.

Here on Earth we make non-alcoholic drinks by removing the alcohol. Typically this requires
either high heat (ruins the taste) or high pressure (reverse osmosis).

However, while we need high pressure because our atmosphere already has pressure, out in
space they don't need very much pressure at all if they depressurize the low side of the
filter. So they could set up a container with two chambers separated by an RO filter and an
air chamber, put it out in space, and let the vacuum of space draw out the non-alcohol whiskey.

It would be a greater pressure differential than we can do here on earth -- 1 : near zero atmos
vs N : 1 atmos.

That would be a fun thing to taste. I mean test.


Comment Competition helps EVERYONE! (Score 2) 155

This is awesome. I'm not a microsoft fan but regardless... having options and choices and being able to evaluate the competition is GREAT.

Google Now. I love it.
Cortana. Maybe it will be as good. Maybe it will be better. Maybe whatever it does better Google will add. Maybe what it does worse both will subtract. In the end, guess whom that helps - ME and YOU and everyone using Android. Which, of course, is the only mobile platform to use, right?


Comment It's nice to have ideals (Score 4, Insightful) 466

I respect the man for having ideals and trying to live up to them.

Of course he has fresh water. That comes from his pipes. Some requires transport from the Colorado River and that uses fuel. Some requires desalination from the Pacific Ocean and that uses fuel. With a water bill comes a related sewer bill. Sewer and effluent treatment require chemicals and fuel.

Of course he has batteries. That's how his solar cell provides his DC power. Both solar cells and batteries cost exotic chemicals/components, and take fuel to produce. Solar cells don't degrade as much over time but the typical deep-cycle battery requires replacement every 24-36 months [depending on the charge, cycle, use, etc.]. This also applies to the TMO cellphone battery he uses to power his TMO Internet.

Of course he buys his clothes from China - has them shipped - and throws away old clothes. This way instead of using water and detergent and some electricity (or some 25 coins and a laundramatt) he uses a lot of jet fuel, some delivery truck fuel, throws away cardboard boxes and plastic wrappers (think hydrocarbons which could be used as fuel, and fuel itself). He feels better because he donates his old clothes. I'm not sure that he thought about this much because ***ALL THE OLD CLOTHES HE DONATES ARE WASHED BY GOODWILL*** or whomever prior to putting on the shelf. So he costs the environment more, not less.

Lastly... that TMO Internet again... he is one of the people who encourages TMO to have towers. Towers have little generators on them so they don't lose power in storms, power outages, etc. Those use fuel which goes bad after a year and must be replaced. That means once a year cellphone tower generator fuel tanks are purged and dumped and new fuel is acquired and put in the tank. [Yes, some carriers have a 2yr schedule and some don't discuss their schedule, but if we're talking ideal... here you go.]

It's good to have ideals. It's nice try and live by them.

Ehud Gavron
Tucson, AZ, where 4 months out of the year the temperature is above 100F and the humidity above 40% so if you don't have an air-conditioner using direct-expansion gas (not a "swamp-cooler" or "mister") you will bake. They don't make any that run on DC. Even if they did, that would be a LOT of solar cells!

Comment 84 US ISPs offer ***RESIDENTIAL*** gigabit access (Score 3, Informative) 120

The article summary needs to specify that it's about offering RESIDENTIAL service. Thousands of ISPs offer gigabit Internet access in datacenters and businesses all over the US. 84 of them also reach the home.

Of note - ALL current US ISPs offering RESIDENTIAL gigabit service do so on the oversell model, such that they CAN deliver UP TO 1Gbps to a customer, but likely will be delivering less as they share upstream bandwidth across facilities, areas, and customers. This is not a Bad Thing -- it's how the costs are leveraged across multiple residential customers so it is 7-10x lower than business-grade gigabit service.

This is a really great thing!


Comment Re:I want to love Edge (Score 1) 132

Why do you want to love Edge? Why don't you rather want to love the best browser out there?

A web browser is a tool. When you've got a nail to pound the right tool is a hammer. When you have a hole to drill the right tool is a drill.
Why would you not look for the best tool, instead of the new-one that says "microsoft" on it?


Comment Microsoft Astroturf (Score 0, Flamebait) 203

Looks like Microsoft has learned from the past. This time instead of releasing an OS and letting people comment, they're releasing "nuggets" of features and then having their shils spit out their "talking points."

About 1/3 are pro-Microsoft: "Oh how awesome! I've been wanting this feature forever. It's so awesome!" (Hasn't been released yet...)

The other 2/3 are rebuttals:
1. You need to wear a tinfoil hat. If you don't trust Microsoft you're paranoid.
2. You see conspiracies everywhere. If you don't believe everywhere in this "article" (it's not an article) then you think EVERYTHING is a conspiracy.
3. Microsoft is more trustworthy than Apple
4. Microsoft is more trustworthy than an OS with no vendor!!! (Linux)

Add a PR-created "leak" of Cortana for Android (ooh how clever, it's like Siri from Windows on an Android... )

Color me impressed they're putting almost as much effort into this as Vladimir Putin does into his.


Comment *LOTS* of info on the net (Score 2) 150

The problem is that you don't know what you're looking for so you're not asking the right questions.

- Power is a factor. You mention 25KW. Wrong units. You should look for KVA. You'll never know what the wattage is until you know the power factor (PF) and you won't know that until you populate the device with spindles and fans (which have a different PF than CPUs, GPUs, PSUs,) and then run it under load and measure.
- 25KVA is a medium rack. 35-50KVA is a dense rack. How many racks you choose to have is up to you, but the "25" number is not a good random one to shoot for. If you search for "30KVA" and "High density rack" you'll get an idea of what servers do populate such things.
- You won't be running anything of this magnitude at your deskside, unless you are in Alaska or Siberia and have no other source of heat. Also most businesses don't like running 4 30A 3-phase 208VAC to employees' desksides. Just sayin'... And again, if you're not Alaska or Siberia with an open door and window, you won't move enough air through your office to cool that beast. (Air mass is directly related to cooling, and unless you're doing dielectric-immersion cooling, the sheer amount of air requires massive fans and lots of space.)
- Two other responses said "See what your software vendor says." Software is abstracted by compilers. The real question is "how much CPU, GPU, DISK, or other IO does it do" and plan for that. That will also change the PF and the KW and the heat load.

There's a reason nobody builds deskside compute servers with today's technology. Density, power, and cooling.

Keywords to google: KVA PF KW, high density rack server, PUE (PUE is the inverse of PF and is applied to an entire data center which includes cooling.)
Other places to look: look up abstracts for talks at Data Center World.

You will lose an important tape file.