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by xdor (#47536313) Attached to: How a Solar Storm Two Years Ago Nearly Caused a Catastrophe On Earth

When you've achieved what you've been working for: ability to purchase quality products, convenient access to services, and a plethora of entertainment: what's the need to be politically active?

Oh, wait. That's right. To confront other people who are being politically active and using the system to demonize those ideals and take all that stuff away. The old world ideations have been realized and somewhere somehow some people have realized that all of this stuff the old world wanted is just hollow claptrap, and now these new enlighten people will now do their level best to destroy that old world realization. So by promoting old world's demise all they fail to realize that they too are held up by many of the old world's innovations -- until they finally get their way and outlaw any products that threaten to be "the quality" (can't have near monopolies!), regulate to impracticality the existence any convenient services, and only allow entertainment that affirms the destruction of the old world ideals. Until this society collapses into chaos or is overturned by a person who somewhere somehow realizes the world could be better place if people were free to make quality products, offer convenient access to services and create their own entertainment.

Really I agree with you that the upper middle class is probably apathetic and out of touch with "real" people, and probably mean and insensitive, and more than willing to the let the powers that be run things as they are. However:

  1. a.) Being happy with ones ideals is NOT a bad thing
  2. b.) Tearing these happy middle-classers legislatively will NOT help anyone except those in power
  3. c.) Enjoying these ideals is NOT what makes them responsible for political power shifts.

As for the ones dependent on the state: You don't think that makes them pawns to be played by political players? Generational welfare conditions people to remain dependent: eventually coming to the view that the government is the only resource, they can only petition and hope the merciful rulers will hear their plea.

Whereas a person of some means has a choice if a local government brings down some crazy oppressive ruling: they can leave and deprive that local government of whatever taxes and local economic activity they may have contributed.

National oppressive government... well, there you don't have too much choice. So we're probably all screwed already anyway...

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by xdor (#47487249) Attached to: Math, Programming, and Language Learning

Until you hit something that does require higher math.

Find the optimal coverage schedule for employees next week given their varied availability

As simple as this sounds, unless you're willing to wait for the computer to churn thru every possibility: you are going to need some higher math know how to program that answer.

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by xdor (#47456971) Attached to: Massive Job Cuts Are Reportedly Coming For Microsoft Employees

Blame Julie Larson-Green.

She's responsible for this and the awful Office ribbon: perfect examples of graphic design stomping all over useability

Why she's still around: I think this is a case of people being swayed by her personal "charisma" and not facing the fact that Windows 8 "metro" is a gimmicky circus act that literally gets in the way of using Windows. Just terrible!

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by xdor (#47382985) Attached to: FCC Proposal To Limit Access To 5725-5850 MHz Band

Most FPV transmitters are at 5.8Ghz. Used to be important that you were hitting this as close to 5800Mhz as possible so as to stay in the middle of the ISM band. Really hard to believe these 500mw transmitters can cause a signature on Doppler when most times they drop useable signal after 1200 meters.

It does seem that the FCC and the FAA are working together on this. The FAA specifically targeting FPV last week, and now the FCC trying to take back the same radio band this week.

Another happy independence day in the land of the free and the home of the brave...

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by xdor (#47343029) Attached to: That Toy Is Now a Drone

True the article is talking in reference to regulated flight.

However areas from ground structures to 500 feet are the property of the land owner (with some variation by state, but that's not the FAA's call). If the FAA wishes to traverse the airspace over a land over at less than 500 feet they must obtain navigational right-of-way from the land-owner.

This is not a matter of flight regulation, this is basic property rights.

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