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Comment: Re:Modern journalism (Score 1) 239

by xded (#45096397) Attached to: Inside the Guardian and the Snowden Leaks


But the point here is not what an average person thinking about himself would do. The point is what a non-ordinary person caring about society can do.

Whether you want our times to be told by the former or the latter, it remains your choice.

What the definition of 'journalist' should be, this is the matter of discussion.

Comment: Be pragmatic... (Score 1) 487

by xded (#43923463) Attached to: BBC Clock Inaccurate - 100 Days To Fix?

1. Geolocate the IP, show the local time and mark it with a timezone identifier/city
2. If geolocation data is not available for IP, show UTC time celarly marking it as such
3. Put a button on the side of the clock to acquire the user's coordinates if a GPS is available, mark the timezone as GPS-determined
4. If GPS is not available and user pushes button, use the JS new Date().getTimezoneOffset(), mark the timezone as OS-determined

There are corner cases where this will not work, but this is good enough for 99% of the users.

The user is behind VPN/Proxy? If he cares about the correct local time, he'll push the button.
The user has no GPS and wrong OS timezone? Too bad.

Comment: Chess, anyone? (Score 2) 130

by xded (#43912039) Attached to: Hackers Spawn Web Supercomputer On Way To Chess World Record

Came here for the "chess world record" mentioned in TFT and didn't find a single word about it, neither in TFS nor in TFCs... Did anyone realize how this article is actually about a bunch of guys parallelizing the eight queens puzzle, running it first on anything from browsers to Blackberrys, then porting it to Hadoop, and on the way to break the world record computing the number of solutions for a chess board of 27x27 tiles?

TFA mentions the word "bitcoin" in the last 2 paragraphs out of 23, and everybody goes crazy about it. Welcome to Slashdot 2013.

Comment: And why nobody's quoting this... (Score 2) 166

by xded (#43276111) Attached to: Direct-to-Vinyl Recording Makes a Comeback (Video)

Tim: Usually in 2013, you see people going from vinyl to digital formats, here you are doing the opposite, you’ve got a CD player here that’s feeding music over to a vinyl cutting lathe.

Believe what you want about vinyl records, but recording on vinyl something coming out of CD player goes against any logic he could try to follow.

Comment: Similarly in Italy... (Score 1) 159

by xded (#42737273) Attached to: Google Gives 15,000 Raspberry Pis To UK Schools
Last time I checked, it was similar for the Italian law. As long as you own a usage license (be it temporary or not), you can do whatever you want with a program. And you are explicitly allowed to reverse-engineer/modify it as long as it's done to "improve its functionalities", not only for interoperability reasons.

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by xded (#41828311) Attached to: EFF Wants Ubuntu To Disable Online Search By Default
Interesting? I feel as if several mods are suddenly hearing a wooshing sound in terror...

Dear "root owning" overlords,
When using grep recursively I only get local results:
I declare this a bug for two reasons:
1. The output is boring.
2. The terminal has more than 2 lines!!! It's an unefficient use of my screenspace.
I believe the reason for this is that the grep command only searches locally for things I am actually looking for, I kind of expect the results I get from my codebase and as such it removes any sense of mystery or something new and exciting to spice up my dull geek existence. That's boring, grep -R should also search amazon, so I get more exciting results such as:
Shark Season 1 Starring Steven Eckholdt, Nora Dunn, Patrick Fabian, et al. Amazon Instant Video to buy episodes: $1.99 to buy season: $34.99 ($1.59 per episode)
Please can you change the grep warez to have this feature, and just install it on my machine while I'm down the pub, after all you do "erm, have root", so it should be easy for you to do :-)
Sent from my Unity device, (which is why it took several glacial ages and a couple of eras to get it done)

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