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Comment Re:Marketplace Justice (Score 1) 62

So, you're home in the evening and your wife calls "Hey, honey, can you give me the credit card number for something I'm buying online?" and you tell her the number. The baby monitor hears.

That's just one example, and not a particularly scary one. Use your imagination. It's not just about whether or not you're home, it's about what information is available inside your house that you don't want shared with random listeners.

Comment Re:Marketplace Justice (Score 1) 62

Bingo. So someone can hack the monitor and listen to my baby sleep or not sleep. Or even watch him sleeping. What exactly is the threat? What information can they really gain that is of use? That the sheets are green instead of blue?

They can see and hear a lot of details of activity inside the house, not just the baby. Whatever is in range of the camera and microphone.

Comment Re:the comparison is pointless (Score 1) 82

If you're doing HPC, then you're definitely not the kind of 'desktop user' that the grandparent was talking about.

How do you know he's a desktop user? All the OPdid was state the benchmarks are useless and you shouldn't read the article.

When you benchmark systems with a lot of active processes,

Modern desktops are putting a lot of effort into reducing the number of wakeups per second in orer to reduce power draw. This means that on most systems, there are a lot of processes, but very few running at any given time. You're generally best waking up rarely, then blasting through all the required computation as fast as possible before going back to sleep.

Comment Re: Programming (Score 1) 423

So is theoretical Computer Science


that is how you do math,

No, it's how you do part of maths. It's how you convey ideas to others and it's how you codify things to check you're right. Last time I did some maths (as in trying to prove something new), it was me, a friend, lots of coffee and most of the time was spent talking or sketching things. the rest was spent manipulating symbols.

Manipulating symbols is a tool you use in maths to formalise your patterns. But saying that maths IS the manipulation of symbols is like saying woodworking is using a nailgun.

you are taught math or CS on under-graduate levels, which is what we are talking about

Actually it wasn't clear to me that we were talking about that. TFA (actually pretty well written though from the comments almost no one read it) was very much not about being taught maths or CS at university.

, you are learning all the basics of various forms of abstracts and the insights they bring.

Yes and manipulation of symbols is a tool to do that. But that doesn't mean that maniuplation of symbols is the sum-total of it. That's the way it's taught in schools and it massively sucks.

Comment Re: Programming (Score 1) 423

but all this says to me is that she had crap math teachers.


90% of everything is crap, and that includes maths teachers. Most people have bad maths teachers. Learning to code is a good maths teacher because you end up encouraging yourself to learn the bits you need to get the job done. It, for many people, becomes interesting because you can see something that it is useful for, rather than mindless drudgery of ridiculous "relevant" problems.

Comment Why? Mainly the hours but... (Score 1) 339

1) many states forbid protection from overtime for tech workers
2) forced holiday work
3) low company status
4) forced weekend work
5) forced night work
6) Sales force gets the glory even when tech does something tremendous to make the sale possible in the first place.
7) Told they are "not core business" and replaced by offshore workers (often doing tremendous damage to the business when all the business knowledge is shown out the door and people with no clue about the business replace them.
8) No training ("would make them leave")

But mainly it's the hours worked.

Comment Re:Serious, rigorous, academic discipline based on (Score 1) 145

Economics is a subset of history, data from the past, and therefore it is based entirely on correlations. There can be no cause and effect derived from correlations, so 'science' is not possible. Science requires experiments, controlled for 1 variable at a time.

So there's a big difference between "observational science" and "historical science"...

Ken Ham, is that you?

Comment Re:Does Sony also provide... (Score 3, Informative) 106

20/20 vision is defined by the ability to resolve 1 arc minute. For example, the "E" on an eye doctor's chart on the 20/20 vision line is 5 arc minutes tall, as reading it takes the ability to break it down into five vertical glyphs and distingish between them. That page is based on the premise of a person being able to resolve 0,3 arc minutes.


Also, see above. The human eye has a lot more limitations than just a simple single angular resolution figure can express. I even forgot to list one: time. Not only does motion greatly limit one's resolution ability, but even on a stationary image, the person has to be able to focus and take time in order to get even "normal" levels of visual acuity.

Comment Re:Does Sony also provide... (Score 5, Informative) 106

The maximum physically possible resolution for the human eye to see is 2190 dpi. But that's not an average eye, but rather a flawless eye limited only by the size of the pupil; and viewed from as close as an adult can focus, 4 inches.

If we downgrade from a perfect eye to an average eye, the resolution drops down to 876 dpi... but still at 4 inches.

At a more practical 12 inches, this drops to around 300 dpi. Which is why magazines are printed at 300 dpi - it's good enough for most practical circumstances.

Also note some additional limitations:

  * These sort of resolution figures are based on the ability to distingish bright white lines from bright black lines without them blurring together into gray. The smaller the contrast and the dimmer the light, the less the eye can resolve.
  * The human eye also loses a great deal of ability to make out resolution when objects are moving.
  * Obviously the further away one is from the center of the field of view, the lower the resolution - with a rather fast dropoff.

Yes, 808 dpi is complete and total overkill, unless you've got superb eyes and are in the habit of holding your phone as close to them as you can focus while looking at high contrast stationary images.

Comment Re:Nukes (Score 1) 242

Windscale was used to recycle fuel from and for NPPs.

The infamous Windscale fire had nothing to do with reprocessing.

You *specifically* noted the Windscale Pile which was (a) where the fire was and (b) nothing to do with nuclear power. It was a device for making plutonium for nuclear bombs.

You can't just ignore it to brighten up your safety statistics.

Touche my man, touche.

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