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Comment Re:Question about deep space pictures (Score 1) 108

the amount of light that is cast on an object is exponential with regard to distance, that means that the sun is shining a ridiculous amount of light onto Pluto compared with any other star. I would even bet that the sun illuminates the surface of Pluto significantly more than every other star combined.

nitpicking: the amount of light is inversely proportional to the square of the distance.

Yes, probably most/almost all of the light reflected in the surface of Pluto into the camera comes from Sol.

Comment Re:Depends (Score 2) 517

Because at work I have to install all kinds of Adobe crap and Java, and other software that uses proprietary files and each piece of crap "requires" something running in the background. They don't actually require it, but Windows allows it anyway. And let's not mention the fact that you really can't do anything about it, because the developers of those software packages are so used to it, that you will probably break them if you try to do things the Right Way(tm).

Here, at work, we image the PCs (we have 3000+) before sending them to the final users. One thing we do in our images is to disable autoupdates (Java, Adobe, Chrome, Firefox &c), and that makes the computers much snappier. We also filter the Windows Updates, pointing WU to an internal server. That makes the machines snappier in general. (Obviously, we keep one eye for security updates and push those to the users on the logon script, as needed).

Comment Re:The Fuck? (Score 1) 175

MySQL is free and quick and dirty. Use Oracle, MSSQL and I've heard great things about Postgres. I have experience with the first two, and you can do some amazing things if you know what you are doing. They cost that much for a reason.

But probably not the reason you think. :D They cost that much so that some CIO can cover his arse when something goes terribly wrong with the corporate database... "we are waiting for Oracle support to tend to our ticket."

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