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Comment Re: BSD. (Score 0) 142

Anyone needing that kind of stability should just use FreeBSD. They know how to put together a rock-solid system, and they have sensible release policies to ensure that their releases are very usable many years after first released.

Even the best "enterprise-grade" Linux distributions pale in comparison to FreeBSD and everything that it offers. It's a complete system that just works.

Just not for enterprise-grade businesses.. who wants a "complete system" that's almost completely dead like anything BSD (Berkeley So Dead)? With Red Hat, they have seven years of support for each major release from a regular subscription contract, and even extended life support contracts for more time than that.

Comment Closed Source Karma (Score 1) 97

The way Sony treated its customers who wanted to use OtherOS to try to protect their intellectual property is the right way for LG to treat Sony: take it away from them! Since filing complaints and not getting justice, it makes me feel good to see that Sony might have to pay.

Submission Sony Hints to Pull-Out Music, Games from iTunes

suraj.sun writes: SONY has signalled it may withdraw its artists from Apple's iTunes store and withhold its games from the iPhone in a sign the two companies are on the brink of all-out war.

Sony plans to open a competitor to iTunes, a music streaming service called Music Unlimited, in Australia soon.

Another service launching later this year will enable mobile phone users to pay and play first generation PlayStation games on their handsets.

Two weeks ago Apple blocked Sony's electronic book application from the iPhone because it would have bypassed Apple's system for buying content.

The Age:

Submission MESSENGER Mission Set to Arrive at Mercury->

Flash Modin writes: In one month, NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft will become the first to orbit the planet Mercury. After it's seven year journey across the solar system, the spacecraft will park in orbit and begin a one year mission to study the innermost planet. Until MESSENGER, nearly half of the planet had never been imaged and large blank spots still exist on its maps. Sean Solomon, the mission's head, says NASA hopes to solve long-standing mysteries about Mercury's formation, composition and its dynamic atmosphere.
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Submission Look Out LCDs – AMOLEDs are Coming->

kkleiner writes: Look out LCD's because flexible, paper thin, AMOLED screens with super crisp resolution are about to become mainstream. Samsung recently unveiled a slew of new AMOLED products at CES 2011, and they did not disappoint. By layering thin sheets of an electroluminescent organic material, Samsung has managed to conceive of an entire line of products that take LED displays to an entirely new level – these videos you have to see to believe. From transparent displays to paper-thin deformable screens, Samsung has definitely set the AMOLED bar pretty high.
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Submission Google to Merge Honeycomb and Gingerbread->

eldavojohn writes: In Barcelona, Google's Eric Schmidt has been revealing future plans for Google saying that the next release will merge smartphone and tablet versions of it's mobile operating system Android. Aside from bragging about Android's growth, Schmidt tiptoed around a question of Google acquiring Twitter instead offering the very nebulous statement that Youtube doubled its revenues last year.
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Comment Re:Let's hope they do a better job of picking loca (Score 1) 1026

Meanwhile, you can't even take AmTrak from Los Angeles to San Francisco. You have to get off and ride the bus. It's been like this for months. Do the politicians seriously think they need to invest in high speed trains when they can't even maintain the normal ones?

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