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I suspect the actions were more likely out of the desire for self-preservation. I don't have first-hand experience with the systems in Taiwan or South Korea but I know that in the US many academics live and die by their publication records. I would put money on the parties involved here having done what they did not because they thought their ideas were better than anyone else's, but because they wanted to keep their jobs.

That doesn't make it right, it just explains a more probable explanation for how the situation arose. Not that academia is free of ego, but it is undoubtedly full of conflict.
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Last weekend Mars, Ho! passed the magic 40,000 words, the number of words necessary for a science fiction work to be a novel.

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I think you win the internet there for the most absurd comparison of the year.

Or can you point me to the chapter in the bible where Jesus the carpenter set down his hand tools, stole his neighbor's air compressor, power tools, and precut lumber, and proceeded to craft stuff from it in his own name?

It dulls the impact of an important event,

Which "important event" do you have in mind here? Are you talking about when he opened up a network closet and slowed down the network traffic of an entire academic library for his own aims - when he could have downloaded all the same material from the desk where he worked his job? Or are you talking about when he got scared about the possibility of having to face trial, and took his own life rather than object to the laws that he was potentially facing trial under?

Comment: Will we ever stop celebrating him? (Score 1, Insightful) 152

There is an argument to make that he was intentionally trying to make a martyr out of himself. He could have done what he did without opening up the network closet - which is the most significant charge that was filed against him. Yeah, the overall response was heavy handed without a doubt, but he wasn't exactly rational himself.

Granted, I guess this is a slightly more interesting story than facebook, the movie but still not that great.

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Swing and a miss, Ratzo.
It took a millennium and a half for the reformation to try to straighten out Scripture.
The point I made was that Luther incorrectly removed this.

So which would you use to inform your life and society? If you said, "The Bible", then even God thinks you're a moron. Because, way before there was scripture, there was man's ability to reason.

Read the Gospel; specifically read how Jesus reacted to Thomas' skepticism, and his message about those who haven't seen and still believe.

Man's ability to reason is deeply flawed. Man's "reason" once told the Egyptians it was OK to use the Hebrews as slaves. Man's "reason" today says it's OK for women to butcher their children in the womb.

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we should just quit privileging these guys

The case of the 60 papers that your link refers to primarily is a case of a researcher in Taiwan. What is it that you want Taiwan to do to him?

And the other top case they mention - the South Korean researcher who apparently published nonsense about a way to make stem cells that didn't actually make stem cells - was from South Korea.:

South Korean researcher Hyung-In Moon, who was caught in 2012 making up fake email addresses to review his own papers. He has had dozens of retractions so far.

If you read to the end of the link you gave, it even says

It's also hard to tell whether things are getting worse. True, the number of retractions each year has been on the rise. That could be because of more problems. But it could also be a sign of more thorough policing. Plagiarism-detection and image-detection software, for example, have allowed journal editors to more easily screen for duplication problems. The rise in retractions might also be influenced by the fact that people are publishing more and more papers every year.

In other words, I would appreciate a clarification of your argument. The privilege bit doesn't parse. If you're trying to suggest that the problem is getting worse for some reason, you haven't supported the notion yet.

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That's to be expected. Liberalism was born from the same tree as religion.

You might be surprised, AC, but I agree with this. Modern Liberalism / Progressivism (also known as fascism) is indeed a religion. The State is worshiped as supreme, the environment replaces the saints, and their unholy sacraments are abortion and gay marriage.

In other words, the Devil himself is who they really worship, the Devil just abstracts that out as the State so the leftists don't realize what master they truly serve.

And if there's anyone who wants to dismiss that... get a history book and learn how many Catholic Clergy got the Guillotine in the French Revolution for not dropping their faith in favor of Robespierre's "Reason".

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