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Comment Re:Affects about 1 000 000 viewers in Norway too (Score 1) 164

Wow. I dropped all TV support three years ago and haven't missed it. More, not spending $1400 a year for a few hours of programing I didn't feel much about ... what a wonder! Dropped the landline too in favor of a low cost cell carrier and local DSL. Verizon and Dish are now history. My bills are way down.

Comment Re:Bodes Really Well for a Fair Trial (Score 2) 486

Your comment is ... weird. Snowden is very upfront about his crimes. By any measure a 'fair trial' would certainly give him life in prison or the death penalty for treason, although that's not been handed down since the end of WW2. Don't get me wrong. I think his actions, exposing the abuses of liberty under the Bush and Obama administrations was a good thing, but he did what he did. Lots of congressmen should be charged, tried and hung for their efforts to make the United States into a police state. That 'Patriot Act' was quite the crime against America and give license to the Executive to do all sorts of stupid things. Bush might have been a better president without it. He might have had to think before doing. The tree of liberty needs the blood of patriots from generation to generation to keep it alive. Edward Snowden is certainly a patriot in my eyes.

Comment Heading a project? (Score 1) 437

OK. The answer is very simple. Does Rust buy you something, timing, memory space, cheaper architecture, that C doesn't. What the language buys is critical.

You are producing code for a business that must maintain it going forward, after you are gone and your young enthusiastic engineer has gone off to find a better job. He will.

Realtime control has limits that must be observed. After that the choice of languages is all about long term support. So check the hire boards and see how easy it will be to replace your young enthusiastic engineer. If easy, make sure the next hire or two has Rust under their belt. Or go with C. The next hire will know that language.

What I 'like' is not relevant. I liked bash for most system level scripting, but often python is a better choice. So I use python.

Last. Talk your choice out with the young engineer. Let him know you took him seriously, did your homework. He's follow your lead easier with that example.

Comment Acer (Score 1) 237

Over the last five years I've had school designed Acer laptop, 2 core 1.1 g Hz that loaded Fedora over and over without issue.

Then I got an HP laptop. I could never get the graphics to work with linux. I finally loaded virtualbox under windows and installed linux as a client.

Fed up with that situation, I bought a nice 4 core 1.5 g Hz Acer that load Fedora after I partitioned the drive using Windows built in utility. It loaded Federa 22 without issue and now using Google-Chrome-beta, I can watch videos from Amazon and Netflix without an issue. It's been a month since I booted Windows.

p.s. The best battery life I've had on the three is the latest Acer, an Aspire E 15 ( AMD Quad-Core E2-6110 ) and I think it was $349

Comment Re:I liked the cartoon that read: (Score 1) 662

Bad use of the word prank. He's a child using his brain to do something he couldn't do before. That's not a prank. He's a geek. We often don't see the world through christian/muslim terrorist eyes. We're still working on the concept of sex.

A boy was trying to impress his female teacher. Really you guys can't see this as what it is. A boy bringing a shiny red apple to his female teacher hoping she will smile at him like he's a man, not a boy?

WOW! A homemade clock to impress her and she thinks he made a bomb. Well, I suppose it was a bomb as he didn't get her approval.

Comment Thinking about leaving any systemd linux behind (Score 5, Insightful) 747

I am really tired of systemd. So really tired of the developers shoving that shit down the linux throat. It's not pretty, it seems to grow out of control, taking on more and more responsibility .... I don't even have an idea how to look at my logs anymore. Nor how to clear the damn things out! Adding toolkits should make the system as clear to understand as it was, not more complex. If it gets any worse it might as well be Windows 10! init was easy to understand, easy to use. syslog was easy read easy to understand and easy to clear. All this bull about "it's a faster startup" is just ... well bull. I'm using a computer 20 times faster than I was a decade ago. You think 20 seconds off a minute startup is an achievement? It's seconds on a couple of days uptime; big f*cking deal. Redhat, Fedora, turn away from the light and return to your roots!

Comment In for a penny, in for a pound (Score 1) 706

I don't have much sympathy for those persons whose names were exposed. Every time I sign up for a social media site I expect I have no privacy. I say what I want, but never expect privacy. I'm gay and have signed up for some pornographic site, but only after discussing it with my partner. I am spending our money after all. As to 'cheating' ... if you have to, shouldn't there be some full disclosure to your partner, straight or gay? If you need to there must be a reason, reasonable or not. If not ... I think your marriage is over already. Why wait? As to being a national in a overly sex involved government. That's was an upfront issue. You should know better than to put yourself at risk with your government. As to how this applies to Americans. It's time to get the equal rights and protections extended to all so that these private things don't affect day to day business of everyone else.

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