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Comment What a lot of horse?shit (Score 0) 305 305

The native claim that this is the first mountain in the chain and where the 'goddess' first set foot. Really. They are as bad as bible thumpers demanding fossils a million years old are not so. Hawaii is the last island in the chain. There is a new one on the sea floor rising to the east of Hawaii. Science tells us, clearly, a tectonic plate is moving that has created the islands. Their beliefs are easily proven false, just as some many others are. I have no respect for 'traditions' that cannot be reconciled with reality. Christian, Islamic, Jewish or Hawaiian. Anyway, as the Hawaii natives didn't arrive there until a few centuries back, how the hell would they know which island was first?

Comment Re:I'll take it (Score 1) 294 294

Of the many thing I thought about ... That wasn't one. But one problem with that practice is the extra time waiting! They'd need more TSA agents to ... vigorously search groins. That means more TSA agents ... it cost money! the air fair would go up, so it might be cheaper to just get a hand job locally.

Comment Choose the right people (Score 2) 137 137

There are many people that are not 'people' persons who are scientists and engineers (one one assume they'd be on the mission). Make that personality type a selection criteria. I have gone many days without talking to anyone and really been fine with it. Proof would be easy, just check out the phone and cell phone records.

Comment 42 Electrons over positrons (Score 1) 123 123

That was the number. Somehow 42 meson, masquerading as electrons (likely baryons because of their decay rate is a bit longer than bosons) unbalanced the big bang. That lead to a pollutant in the universe called 'matter'. All sorts of problems have happened since matter was created. Thankfully not much of it was created, when you consider the normal state of the universe, so call dark matter. The good news is the nature of symmetry requires another big bang happened where 42 mesons, likely created an 'anti-matter' universe. In time the two universes should overlap and reconcile the 42 baryons and bosons, leaving two universe whole once again. It's just an issue of time, which only exists because of the imbalance. Once that's undone, time will not exist and all this foolishness will be ... undone. Can we just wait! Odd, after wait will have no meaning.

Comment The 42 refers to the electron/positron imbalance (Score 1) 123 123

At the big bang. That lead to more 'normal' matter and less anti-matter, which lead to everything else. Likely the only way an imbalance could be created was another big bang, which had 42 more positrons, leading to an alternate universe, with the same starting point, so like is identical in every way.

Comment Curious that we aren't working on clearing junk (Score 1) 47 47

Orbit. So easy to make an object leave it's orbit. Change is vertical moment. So, a ground based laser, solar powered, naturally, is used to target junk just under the base station. A few minutes a days and this junk will be coming down. Why are we waiting?

Comment Muscling In (Score 1) 913 913

Muscling in worked well for M$ in the business community for a long time. Sell the product to the highest bosses, who then forced M$ products on the employees. I remember having to have an 'Exchange' account. What a tragic affair that was. Everyone logging in between 12:45 and 1:15, bogged down the servers for an hour or more. Complaints, complaints from high on on how 'we' IT were fucking up the Exchange server. It never occurred to them when we moved from a four cpu Sun Sparc to a two cpu Intel processor box we'd suffer degraded performance. All this to save a maintenance contract. But when the program was running, it sure looked pretty. Naturally you know the solution. Put the bosses on their own exchange server, complete with licenses and yes, you guessed it, another maintenance contract. That that 'solution' didn't solve the problem, that didn't exist before, with several hundred people logging in to check their mail just after lunch was no biggy anymore as the boss's mail worked just fine. Naturally, as a Unix IT guy, I put a forward in the exchange server for myself to a decent sparc server that was just serving files. That solved my problem as people expect IT to respond, like now, when they have a problem. Waiting till two-ish before getting a task meant I'd have to stay longer.

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