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Comment: Muscling In (Score 1) 913

by wnfJv8eC (#42708835) Attached to: Microsoft Blames PC Makers For Windows Failure
Muscling in worked well for M$ in the business community for a long time. Sell the product to the highest bosses, who then forced M$ products on the employees. I remember having to have an 'Exchange' account. What a tragic affair that was. Everyone logging in between 12:45 and 1:15, bogged down the servers for an hour or more. Complaints, complaints from high on on how 'we' IT were fucking up the Exchange server. It never occurred to them when we moved from a four cpu Sun Sparc to a two cpu Intel processor box we'd suffer degraded performance. All this to save a maintenance contract. But when the program was running, it sure looked pretty. Naturally you know the solution. Put the bosses on their own exchange server, complete with licenses and yes, you guessed it, another maintenance contract. That that 'solution' didn't solve the problem, that didn't exist before, with several hundred people logging in to check their mail just after lunch was no biggy anymore as the boss's mail worked just fine. Naturally, as a Unix IT guy, I put a forward in the exchange server for myself to a decent sparc server that was just serving files. That solved my problem as people expect IT to respond, like now, when they have a problem. Waiting till two-ish before getting a task meant I'd have to stay longer.

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