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Comment: Re:brightest object (Score 2) 139

by wjcofkc (#49137247) Attached to: 12-Billion-Solar-Mass Black Hole Discovered
The black hole in question is eating matter near the rate of what is theorized to be the limit of how fast a black hole can consume matter. We've really never seen anything like it. ~875,000,000 is very young for such a structure to be so big in a universe that young. Anyway, when it is said that it is the brightest object in that part and time of the universe, we are speaking of the "extra bright" event horizon: the point where matter is super heated before tumbling into the singularity itself. Since it's all one dense gravitationally bound structure, the event horizon is part of the whole. The great part of this discovery is that it allows us to take a peek at ratios of elements such as hydrogen and helium relative to heavier elements in a still pretty young universe.

Comment: A stepping stone anyway. (Score 1) 72

by wjcofkc (#49131741) Attached to: Star Wars-Style "Bionic Hand' Fitted To First Patients
We've been following the development of this sort of technology here on Slashdot for a long time for sure. In fact, I find this area of research and development to be among the most fascinating of our time and am course always glad to see people getting help from them. However, I won't be truly impressed until someone can peel the Orange away with the bionic hand using nothing more then the same part of our brain that we would use to control that function in the first place. Perhaps the next time a story like this gets posted.

Comment: Re:As a Windows Phone user (Score 1) 85

by wjcofkc (#49051253) Attached to: Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Preview For Phones
If I had mod points I would reward you just for admitting to being a Windows Phone user around here. But then again, so am I. My phone is on the list of phones eligible for the insider beta test, however, after doing research beyond the scope of the linked to articles, I find that the trade off in features is currently unacceptable. For example a slightly crippled Cortana among other things. Perhaps in another month. I have been on board with the Windows 10 Tech Preview since day one and the current builds not only feel finished, it has become my daily driver. I will likely get one of these: Acer Aspire R7-371T-50ZE when they come out, and of course put Windows 10 on it. I am a long time MS basher, but I like where they seem to be headed so I jumped on board.

Comment: It can't be that simple. (Score 1) 307

by wjcofkc (#48947089) Attached to: The NSA Is Viewed Favorably By Most Young People
I would like to see this broken up into much more revealing demographics than the basic age range cited in the article. At the same time, most people in the "age range demographic" cited don't know much of what's going on in the world around them past a Facebook posting, or so I have inferred. Those I have met in that age range that do have a clue overwhelmingly disapproved of NSA activities.

Comment: Consider Google Fiber (Score 5, Interesting) 255

by wjcofkc (#48903637) Attached to: Verizon, Cable Lobby Oppose Spec-Bump For Broadband Definition
Ever since the Google Fiber roll out came here, Time Warner has been scrambling to lay down fiber. Their trucks and construction efforts are everywhere now. They are doing this without raising prices... because they can't in the face of competition. Time Warner could have rolled out Fiber over a decade ago, but why spare the expense when there is no competition? With Google coming out of left field, there is now market competition. That's it right there. We don't need an FCC mandate that explicitly defines broadband, we need mandates that create competition.

Comment: Re:Flash? (Score 1) 136

by wjcofkc (#48893789) Attached to: By the Numbers: The Highest-Paying States For Tech Professionals

If you had any idea how many people I have met who ran like fuck to get out of Missouri, you wouldn't be making this assumption. Almost as many as Minnesota.

How many?

Self-segregation is what makes this nation work.

And yet you think so much of the nation is shit? Your desperate attempts to defend your arguments are devolving into self contradiction.

Comment: Re:Flash? (Score 1) 136

by wjcofkc (#48893621) Attached to: By the Numbers: The Highest-Paying States For Tech Professionals
Sprint headquarters has it's own zip code. I get lost every time I have business there. You left out several other major companies, but I am getting really tired of this thread. Being in the middle of the country has it's advantages. We have several richer than god rail companies here. They are all extremely tech heavy. And then there is the sheer number of data centers. A lot of them are in man made caves. Personally, I make $25\hr - and that is a helpdesk gig.

Look, I am not saying that by any stretch of the imagination we have anything close to what you have. I am saying that what we have is nothing to laugh at, and that there are a lot of misconceptions about that. I believe I even effectively said that in the post you replied to. Take a Xanax and chill out. Your nuclear reaction to my comment is an over reaction.

Comment: Re:Flash? (Score 3, Interesting) 136

by wjcofkc (#48893167) Attached to: By the Numbers: The Highest-Paying States For Tech Professionals
I completely understand that stereotype. However, you would be surprised. The tech industry thrives here. There are always plenty of tech jobs to go around and even minor ones tend to pay okay. People don't realize how many companies are headquartered here to take advantage of the talent. We may not have Google or Apple, but anyone working in IT anywhere would find themselves at home here.

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