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Comment My what? (Score 3, Interesting) 38

Out of morbid curiosity, I just checked out myspace.com. Just from the main page, I have no clue what their aim or angle is, let alone their audience. There is a blurb at the bottom that reads "The Best in Music & Culture. All In One Place." Yet that still doesn't shed a lot of light on whatever the hell that site is supposed to be.

Comment Re: I was able to successfully use a docx (Score 1) 184

I have a claim to backup. It's pretty rare, but I occasionally encounter a Word doc of some type that LibreOffice pukes on if it will open at all and sometimes flat out crashes the application. Strangely, if I use the otherwise vastly inferior (IMHO) predecessor OpenOffice, those files, so far, reliably open. So I always maintain an installed copy of OpenOffice for this rare event. I am about to install 5.1, maybe this will now be a thing of the past. It will be hard to say since it's pretty rare. I'm not bashing LibreOffice. I love LibreOffice to death. Just pointing something out.

All-in-all I think it is safe to say that word processing, mostly in the MS Office sense, is a disaster area. There is more than a couple posts above this pointing things out along the lines where someone with one version of office saves a file, and someone else one or two versions off opens it and the formatting has gone to hell despite the fact the fact the file type should be compatible between the two. I am sure most of us have been there. This is likely why PDFs are used whenever possible.

I have had the opportunity save and open files across multiple versions of LibreOffice and of different file types going back about five years. Never had a problem. This is LibreOffice to LibreOffice in the absence of MS Office.

Comment Re: Onboard with this idea (Score 1) 98

You misunderstand, and I'm not sure how. The context of my post was regarding using the best interface for such a device in order to achieve mass appeal. The evidence I cite for Gnome 3 is based on what is probably by now a conversion of over 2 dozen regular everyday non technical "I just want it to work and be easy to use" types. That number is not an exaggeration - I do this a lot. So my evidence is after leaving them for a week with all the major DEs to try, all but one out of all those people chose Gnome 3. One chose XFCE because of the cute little mouse. That right there should tell you how very common and tech illiterate we are talking. This broad sampling is the bulk of my evidence, and it is very strong within the context of what amounts to market research. And you better believe that when I am demonstrating all the DEs I show them Unity backwards and forwards and I never give opinions to sway to this or that. So yes, I hate the DEs in question. So. Fucking. What. It was a little something called commentary and it was making a point that flew right over your head. I stated I don't have a problem with people who think otherwise. I know some prolific nerds who use Unitity. Do I go over and make fun of them? Do I think less of them? Of course not. To each there own. I like tiling window manages. That puts me in a minority using something most people cringe at. So this isn't about desktops, it's about a tablet. I combine my experience setting up end users who settle on Gnome, with my experience of hating it, only to fall in love with it. And yes I tried to see if I would like UnitUnity as a tablet. Nope. Gnome 3 is practically made for tablets. There was no need at for all this flaming. I swear it's like no read my post. It's dumbfounding. Take an impulse control pill and flip a switch to turn on your objective mind. Fuck.

Comment Re: Onboard with this idea (Score 1) 98

As a matter of fact, I would very much like to know what draws you to LXDE. Don't worry, not going pull out the flame thrower, I really am just curious. I still believe in an open community around Linux where ideas can be shared without getting attacked. Well, that's how it was a long time ago. BTW I am the OP and I got set on fire by a mob that could not have possibly read the whole post. Personally, I have a thing for Openbox and awesome WM.

Comment Re:Big Bro is Watching (Score 1) 350

Okay, so on the one hand, this should get modded up insightful, simply because if we are dealing with what I hope are rational people capable of being rational and capable of going AWOL then of course it should be so. Too bad Snowden is not all the way around. Still, I suggest you get modded up on fundamental principles of common sense. So I guess there may be only one hand after all. If not and considering the level of sophistication of our our enemy and those whom they employ, I hope we have more Snowdens to rely on, waiting for their moment. You know they must have hackers who are burning in metaphorical terms, ready to go off like a firecracker over what they see. Let's just hope there are and that that they will puts something substantial in motion. As far as all "hats" potentiality working for the NSA are concerned, I would like to be believe they are all waiting to pounce. Time will tell.

Comment Big Bro is Watching (Score 1) 350

We discuss this topic quite frequently and much more passionately than most, and many other topics that can be considered related. I don't think it's far fetched to think that Slashdot is monitored. Shit, there may even be one among us. I want that to sound paranoid, but it would not exactly be a big job. No, I am afraid that does not sound paranoid. I suppose there are many arguments one could form that based on how mass surveillance works, looking at something so small on a very big internet is unlikely. To this I say do not let what sounds unlikely fool you.

Queue the jokes.

Oh, and fuck you NSA man.

Comment Re:Onboard with this idea (Score 1) 98

Perhaps I should clarify. Within the context of my statement about this device and DEs, I intended to express that if they are aiming at the mass market, which it only makes sense to do and makes no sense not to, the interface is critical. I on board a lot of new Linux users. People who had never used it before. I always present the regular every day type with multiple DE's to choose from. After showing them the ropes I let them hop around between them for a week so they can settle on whatever they are the most comfortable using. I've had one person go with XFCE because the little mouse made them giggle. The rest went with Gnome 3. Interestingly, people seem to find KDE perplexing. So clearly I am not being biased as I routinely and happily set people up with Gnome 3. If someone ever decides the Unity is where it's at? I am fine with that and I never try to sway people.

As far as replacing Unity goes, that simple task is voodoo magic for a lot of people. These same people overall, coming from Windows, will not even understand the concept of completely switching out the interface for something different on this class of a device. They need to be given choice up front. This is of course a different class of device where multiple DE options are in fact likely a bad idea. Referring back to my experience helping people get started with Linux and my own surprise with Gnome 3, I strongly believe it is the best option if there is any success to be had.

But speak for yourself.

I was.

Unity is not a terribly great desktop DE, but it's fantastic for mobile, and lots of people are excited for it.

Opinion noted, but could you maybe back it up with something other than itself?

Comment Onboard with this idea (Score 3, Interesting) 98

About a year and a half ago I bought one of those funky convertibles. I found the ability to fold it into a quasi tablet was actually pretty useless with Windows (tent mode did have advantages). So as with most computers that come into my possession it ended up running Linux. Not being in a mood to potentially have to fight it's strange hardware, I used Ubuntu. Before I go any further I need to state for the record that I hate Gnome 3 even for than I hate Unity. Which is to say I hate it a lot. No hate for users, just my person taste.

I was kind of surprised when everything down to the touch screen and changing aspect with orientation worked great. Then it struck me: this thing would be fucking awesome with Gnome 3. Sure as shit it is. Every aspect of Gnome 3 almost seems intentionally designed for a tablet.I have made an effort to show it off to everyone from hackers to people who somehow believe that iOS is the internet and Steve Jobs made it. People are universally impressed. You can even use Google Now, albeit through a browser but even that seems insignificant to the overall experience. So I have been thinking for awhile now that perhaps there is no room for Linux to have a "year on the desktop" and perhaps that's not a bad thing. Perhaps it does not even matter. After all, I know very few people who have desktops and to lesser extent laptops these days.

I think this has massive potential to................... fall flat on it's face. If this ships with not only having Unity as the default, which of course it will, but does not even have Gnome 3 as an option then the crowd the are targeting - everyone - won't give a shit. Canonical has always aimed their sites toward some sort of common consumer legitimacy, but when it comes down to it, they only ever preach to the choir.

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