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I didn't say that we should abandon laws in these areas. I just complained that there is no rhyme or reason to them.

Sex: Age of consent alone is enough material for a rather awkward stand up routine. When you look around the globe, you get to see pretty much everything between 12 and 21 years of age as "old enough". Care to tell me what makes people from country A mature twice as fast as people from country B? And don't get me started on laws concerning certain sexual practices. If you want a good laugh, take a look at the sex laws of countries the name of which ends in -stan. You'd be surprised what law makers consider their business in some areas of the planet.

Drugs: Pot is illegal. Alcohol is legal. Well, in some areas of the planet. In others it's the other way around. Tobacco is legal. But not everywhere and not for everyone. Smoking is banned in schools. That makes sense, kids should not be subjected to smoking. Smoking is legal when you're pregnant. Because ... umm... erhm... Hey look, a shiny new penny!

Do I have to go on to copyright?

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Canadian here. Keep your donation.

Unpleasantly enough, gathering crude oil from floating slicks and contaminated beaches might actually be less destructive than extracting it from tar sands... Luckily, with the Harper Regime's war on science going better than most wars on abstract concepts, we should be spared the knowledge of whether or not that's true.

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Mod Parent up, I'm gonna post instead.

perversions can also be introduced manually, for instance, by the simple operation of holding one end of a helical telephone cord fixed and twisting the other in a direction counter to its initial chirality

This explains why I must keep my phone on the left side of my desk to avoid tangling the handset cord. When it's on the right, I give the handset nearly a full twist to get it from the cradle to my left ear (to keep my right hand free for writing/mousing) -- and then another twist back to set it back down on the cradle. Since I'm grabbing with my right hand, the right hand twist is "counter to its initial chirality," which is left handed for most cords I've seen. (Left hand rule - wire coiling in the direction of the left fingers advances in the direction of the left thumb.) After only a few months, it's twisted into such a perverted state, it won't stretch without tangling, and I have to replace it.

Keeping the phone on the left seems to prevent this... the half turn picking up the phone is left-handed, concurrent with the chirality of the coil. Also it's closer to a half twist than a full twist.

Nice to finally have an answer to why this works the way it does.

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We're still a far cry from the prices asked for car spare parts. Parts that cost cents in plastic are sold for double digit dollars.

Yes, filament costs money and the power to heat and print it even more. But even everything included we're still far from the prices you have to pay for spare parts.

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