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Comment: Re:Two computers is too expensive and cumbersome (Score 1) 139

If you are having an issue like that, then you should have the knowledge and technical know how to change the connectors with something non standard. Say for example, take the ethernet port and replace it with an 8 pin DIN connector. No chance of that being plugged into the wrong network accidentally.

(Yes, I used a DIN as it comes to mind, but it could have issues, as other things use it, you could make a completely different connector for it if you wanted.)

All you have to do is to wire the Ethernet cables differently from standards (and color code them lest hours of amusement and consternation ensue).

Comment: Re:I must be the outlier (Score 2) 133

by fuzzyfuzzyfungus (#47564923) Attached to: Comcast Confessions
Not really an outlier, its a difference between cancellation on the phone and cancellation in person. The phone drones (or "the lost and the damned") are extraordinarily closely scrutinized and their paychecks and/or not getting shitcanned are directly dependent on 'retention'. The in-store people, apparently, are paid to be in store but not directly induced to hassle you.

I'm not quite sure why Comcast hasn't emiserated the in-store situation yet; but apparently they haven't, and it's not as though the front-line peons are fucking with you for their pleasure, so if they aren't forced to they generally won't.

Comment: Re:Little Appliance Parts (Score 1) 58

by fuzzyfuzzyfungus (#47564441) Attached to: 3-D Printing Comes To Amazon
I suspect that, at very least, 3d printing servics will be harassed (like youtube vs. the music labels) about this possibility, and some users will definitely try it.

The one thing that(as much as it surprises me) makes me a trifle skeptical of the lethality is that doing resin(or wood's metal or similar alloys if you want some extra weight and don't mind a little cadmium) castings from figurines isn't rocket surgery, especially for people with enough interest and fine motor skills to paint the things, and I've not heard anything about major disruption from that.

3d printing will lower the bar, since you don't actually need the master to create a mold from; but even if you exclude clandestine trade in cloned figurines, people could easily buy enough parts to copy an acceptably varied army for much less than they could buy the entire army.

Comment: Re:Lies and statistics... (Score 1) 409

by Opportunist (#47563617) Attached to: 35% of American Adults Have Debt 'In Collections'

Phew. So they found a way to explain away a number that could make people ponder whether the "all is fine and the state is in control" message we keep hearing over and over could be wrong and their own observations could be right.

Fuck, even people in communist countries knew that their government is lying to them and that they should more rely on what they see in their reality than the crap they get told...

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