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Comment Re:so whats easier (Score 1) 109

It's the old 'bread and circuses' concept. But at some point the people being manipulated catch on to the fact, and then revolution is likely. I keep wondering why we haven't had one already - perhaps people are now so brainwashed that they will never wake up?

I think we've perfected the circuses part. Between the hundreds of TV channels, cellphones, and Internet, the circuses are essentially perpetual. When you get bored with one, you'll find a nearly endless supply available at the touch of a button. You have no time for a revolution if you're busy searching for the next cat video on Youtube.

Comment Re:Really instead of ? (Score 1) 445

If we had started transitioning seriously a few years ago

Some of us did. All the computers and network equipment at my house has been ready for IPv6 for years. I am just waiting for my ISP to get with the program.

I'm still waiting for my ISP too, but I'm working around that limitation by getting IPv6 from a tunnel broker. I've had dual stack IPv4 and IPV6 access for my home network for about 2 years now and I'm not experiencing any real problems. My IPv6 access is fully routed and suitably firewalled and IPv4 is through NAT.
With applications that support both IPv6 and IPv4 it isn't always apparent which protocol was used for a connection. Everything just seems to work.

Comment Re:Just the tanks? (Score 1) 114

It would seem to me that a better idea would be to put pumps inside the tanks, similar to the way it's done in cars. The technology for this is well tested and should not require highly trained personnel to operate it. This would avoid all the potential problems you highlight with pressurizing a tank to pushing fuel up to an elevated pump.

Comment What's the Efficiency? (Score 4, Insightful) 284

My concern would be the charging efficiency compared to a wired charger.
Now, I don't know about the efficiency of this kind of wireless charger or of wired chargers for that matter, but I'd expect a consumer grade wireless charger to be less efficient than a wired one. If we're going to put a few hundred million of these things in service I'd like to know what the energy penalty will be.

Comment Re:maybe.. (Score 3, Informative) 155

My 3 year old budget laptop has a 1280*800 screen
current laptops in the same price range are 1366*768

Those are the 'wide screen' adaptations of older standard sizes that are being pushed now.
You might not mind, or even think it's great if you watch movies all the time on your laptop, but that's not what I do with one.

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