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Comment Re:Hmmm ... (Score 1) 79

Maybe you should stop smoking shitty weed or smoke weed before you elect to comment.

I'll quote the important part:

"In large enough doses, THC can induce auditory and visual hallucinations."

Sit down and shut up while the adults talk. Just because you've never enjoyed anything other then brick weed doesn't mean you understand anything. Some of us have been smoking this stuff for longer than you've been alive.

Comment Re:Hmmm ... (Score 1) 79

Even LSD was designed. Also, are you asserting the drug would not have otherwise been made? That's silly and illogical to conclude. I say this as a drug user.

Legalize, tax, spend the saved money on rehabilitation and education. If we couldn't already get drugs we'd not have a drug problem. Legalization isn't going to make people run out and try shooting up heroin. Those who want to already can and that's why we have a "drug problem."

Comment Re:That's not the answer! (Score 1) 175

So if I'm flying a drone myself up to, say, 400 feet...

I always thought you owned up to the floor for airplanes - sounds like I'm wrong.

The CEILING that the FAA has established for UAS ("drones") is 400 feet, so, as they are now deemed "aircraft", I would suspect that the floor is actually a lot lower for their class of aircraft. It's "(ground) up to 400 feet."

There is no federal law, and only the SCOTUS "determination. There are various state laws, most of which allow overflights.

Comment Re:Were you endangered? (Score 1) 175

Actually, no. The problem isn't the word drone. The problem is the antics by those who are operating them. It's easy to blame someone else, I guess. It's not very accurate, however. You're getting this response, from the powers that be, because you refused to police yourselves. I started warning you of this exact thing quite some time ago. Did you listen? Nope... Good luck.

When you end up with draconian laws remember this conversation and the many threads before it where I've said the same damned thing. I'm truly sorry for your loss but you were too busy screaming about rights and injustices to listen to reason. Now you'll have fewer rights and more injustices, just as you were told. It's probably too late to do anything now.

Submission + - Europe's Big, Big, Big Lie About Data Privacy (

Lauren Weinstein writes: By now you may have heard about a European court's new decision against the so-called data "Safe Harbour" (over here we'd spell it "Safe Harbor") framework, involving where various Internet data for various users is physically stored.

You can easily search for the details that explain what this could effect, what it potentially means technically and legally, and generally why this dangerous decision is a matter of so much concern in so many quarters.

But here today I'm going to concentrate on what most of those articles you'll find won't be talking about — what's actually, really, pushing the EU and various other countries around the world to demand that user data be kept in their own countries.

And you can bet your bottom dollar, euro, or ruble, it's not for the reasons they claim.

Comment Re:Given the quality of comments on this article (Score 1) 581

Are you a traffic engineer? Willing to work in North Carolina or Florida? I know they don't need programmers nor IT staff specifically for that department (it's a huge parent company now) but I know they're always looking for quality traffic engineers. I don't believe there's any more cross training though I believe they still send employees off for additional education but I don't know how they work that now.

We used to pay for it all, cut their hours to 30 if applicable, keep their benefits, and pay them the full 40 hours and they signed an "obligation" (not a contract) to continue with the company for five years. They were still free to leave but they'd be breaking their promise and, believe it or not, if you treat your employees with respect and like humans they don't run off even if they're offered more money. Funny that.

I've been back on numerous occasions but it's damned difficult to leave. I do miss the place, the work, and the people. This being in public I'll continue to skip the name but the email address works. If you're a traffic engineer and looking to get out of muni work or are being underpaid there's actually a good chance that there's a company who will treat you right. If you have any experience modeling pedestrian traffic, something often needed for things like malls or convention centers, then there's an even greater need. It's also an area that you're not going to find a lot of H1-B applicants unless that has changed in the past eight years.

Submission + - Prison Debate Team Beats Harvard's National Title Winners writes: Lauren Gambino reports at The Guardian that months after winning this year’s national debate championship, Harvard’s debate team has fallen to a debate team of three inmates with violent criminal records. The showdown took place at the Eastern correctional facility in New York, a maximum-security prison where convicts can take courses taught by faculty from nearby Bard College, and where inmates have formed a popular debate club. The Bard prison initiative has expanded since 2001 to six New York correctional facilities, and aims to provide inmates with a liberal arts education so that when the students leave prison they are able to find meaningful work. A three-judge panel concluded that the Bard team had raised strong arguments that the Harvard team had failed to consider and declared the team of inmates victorious. “Debate helps students master arguments that they don’t necessarily agree with,” says Max Kenner. “It also pushes people to learn to be not just better litigators but to become more empathetic people, and that’s what really speaks to us as an institution about the debate union.”

The prison team has proven formidable in the past, beating teams from the US military academy at West Point and the University of Vermont. They lost a rematch against West Point in April, setting up a friendly rivalry between the teams. The competition against West Point has become an annual event, and the prison team is preparing for the next debate in spring. In the morning before the debate, team members talked of nerves and their hope that competing against Harvard—even if they lost—would inspire other inmates to pursue educations. “If we win, it’s going to make a lot of people question what goes on in here,” says Alex Hall, a 31-year-old from Manhattan convicted of manslaughter. “We might not be as naturally rhetorically gifted, but we work really hard.”

Comment Re:It's pretty simple, really. (Score 1) 581

I'm inclined to agree though, if you actually want to expend the effort (not that I'm suggesting you waste the time), the ED article is an excellent place to start and has a lot of actual citations and stuff. (Strange, considering it is ED. They also have an amazing article on South Ossetia but that's another topic.)

I think we can likely agree that the antics have gone too far at both ends and that the rest is just noise and pretty much invalidates their point. *sighs*

Also, I think you may be looking at it with a little bias. I'm not so quick to believe it happened so shortly afterwards (the relationship) when there's some evidence to suggest that might not be true. I'm unable to judge, either way and accept that I don't know but with the rest of the evidence (again, there's an ED article that will send you on a strange trip if you want it) it really makes the BS meter ping.

As an outsider, it's amusing and makes me chuckle from time to time. I'm perfectly okay with watching a mentally ill person hurl insults at another mentally ill person. In fact, I find it more entertaining than television. I am, indeed, an ass. I'm not so much an ass as to go to the Special Olympics to laugh at the participants but I get to do it in the privacy of my own home in the form of watching these Gamergate folks.

What I was hoping, when I first heard about this - which was not that long ago - was that it would spark a meaningful and adult conversation. I'm a friggen' idiot. *sighs* I don't know what I was thinking.

Is there an real problem with their being so few females in coding? Why is it a problem? What is the cause of the problem? How can we fix it? What evidence is there that they want to go into coding? How large a problem is this? Those sorts of questions. I seldom see them asked and answered by rational people with data - and that comes from reading lots of people opine. Truth be told, I have neither a nickel invested nor a care in the world. I just like watching the drama and occasionally poking those who are illogical. Sometimes I poke the interesting ones to see what happens next.

We all have our hobbies. ;-)

Comment Re:Step One: get out of the way (Score 1) 581

You're assuming those alienated are the best and brightest. I'd submit that such is untrue. And you're certainly free to complain but do it quietly so as to not disrupt those who are working. Your "look at me" skit is pathetic as is your perpetual victimhood. Get the hell out of the way and stop disrupting the people who are trying to get stuff done. Is this too complicated? Do you not understand?

I've read your other posts. You have empathy, that's great and a noble thing. So do I. However, you can't be objective nor can you stop being disruptive. Your childish behavior isn't going to get you what you want. Say your piece and then accept the answer you're given. If you want control then get off your ass and take control.

Go to github and click 'fork.' Tada! You're now the boss. Good luck and try to do good work and we might follow you or use your code. Keep your code in sync as well as you can and push and pull as needed to better the project as a whole. You didn't get your way once and stomping your feet and whining isn't going to change that. You're not the boss. You said what you had to say and were given an answer. Yet, here you are repeating it again and again throughout the thread even when you've been shown to be both illogical and dishonest.

You're not doing your 'side' any favors when you do things like agree with the data given and then insist the problem still exists even though you agree with the data you asked for and were given.

TL;DR You're dismissed. It's not that I don't like you, I don't but that's besides the point and nothing personal. It's that you're empathetic and that's a good thing but it doesn't make for a good, rational, discussion. Like I said, it's nothing personal - I don't much like anyone. There are few people that I truly like because people, for the most part, suck. Sometimes, I don't even like myself.

Comment Re:It's not what Google wants.... (Score 1) 376

Yeah, I've played with a few of those devices but I want something built in. If that makes sense. I want the entire information center to be a giant touch pad. I want the instrument panel to be a giant touch pad. I want to be able to customize my HUD. I want to be able to customize my information center and display panel. I want to load the stats and metrics that I want to see. I want to be able to configure it all and have it open to be skinned. I also want various controls on the steering wheel and I want to be able to customize those. I want a user profile that can enable others to have their own display or a raw data output for my mechanics.

That sort of stuff... It really doesn't seem like it would be all that hard with today's technology. I know, yeah, and I want a pony too. I don't really want a pony but at least I could buy one if I did. What I am unable to do is buy such a thing as described above - and I've not found a source for it. I'd have to have it made at custom prices and that's more than I'm willing to invest. I'd consider investing in a company that did this and then sold them as after-market or to OEMs. Hell, I'd jump on investing in them if they looked like they were more than vaporware.

Doesn't that sort of make your inner geek smile? I'm also a automobile aficionado that owns more automobiles than one should. I've put a few pics online. I've a new BMW that is my daily driver and I think it would go very well with this sort of customization. It would be (potentially) beautiful, at least in my eyes. I'd love to have raw data up on the HUD and off to the side in small text. I'd love to have a dashboard right full of information. It would be awesome to know my mileage at that exact instant, over the past five miles, over ten miles, etc... It'd be killer to have my tach shown as a graph over time. It'd be even more awesome to sync that data to my phone and take it with me or have it do so over the wireless network at home when I get there. Imagine the ways to mash that up! It'd be awesome!

I can do some of this already. Like you mention, there are tools for it and some OEMs are better than others in this regard. I also, obviously, want control over that data. It is mine. I don't want it stored (unless I choose to) nor do I want it shared (unless I choose to) and it better be encrypted and I better be the one in control of the key and able to replace the key. It also needs to be two states and require additional methods to enter a write state. I want to read the data and then, if I want, manipulate the settings.

I'm not sure if that's making any sense or not. I'm also sure that I'm leaving some ideas out or missing some security issues. However, that's the gist of it in my current frame of mind. I can't see how anyone would not want something like that or at least to have it as an option. I don't see it as truly viable with the current OEMs, they'll simply be too greedy and controlling. They want that data and I guess I don't blame them. I just don't want them to have the data unless I opt to give it to them. If they tell me why and do their best to secure it then I just might give it to them.

Ah well, I'm not that articulate (but I am verbose!) so hopefully that's written well enough. If not then ask and I'll try to be more clear. I also welcome feedback. The more ideas the merrier.

Comment Re:securelevel who? (Score 1) 636

That's a good piece of advice and I guess I'll agree with some caveats.

It's been used, looked at, reviewed, and someone added some other insights below - it turns out that the relationship with NSA is greatly overblown. Seriously, the code is there. I've looked in the past but I'm not, by any means, an expert though I didn't find any glaring issues. Of course those issues wouldn't be glarring... // NSA secret codez - lulz - ignore these *magic Jedi wave

That's not going to happen. (It would be awesome.) But, yeah, we've been over this already and I see your point and I agree to a point. I'll concede that and am always willing to change my mind when given a rational reason to do so. Still, I'm pretty comfortable trusting it if the need arises. It'd be a dumb spot to push an exploit and the real NSA already has code in the kernel as I understand (which has also been reviewed, surely).

If we want to be pedantic then no trust should ever be given. There's a meter of convenience versus security. Where that lies is a very personal (or corporate) choice. Personally, I don't need SELinux but I'd use it if I did. Honestly, I'm a single user on a fairly large home network with lots of various configurations and a few servers of various types. I have a true hardware firewall at the edge and keep a pretty low profile and run a pretty tight ship. I don't really need it.

Comment Re:It's pretty simple, really. (Score 1) 581

It appears that someone has chimed in and posted links to the sources. It's up above and below my earlier reply. There appears to be some serious ethical issues indeed. I'd thought that was what I'd read at any rate. Either way, the current behavior from both sides is despicable. I'm pretty sure that there's no moral high ground remaining to be had at either end of the spectrum.

I do believe EncyclopediaDramatica actually has a pretty decent article on the subject as well. As I recall, that's where I started my search and I went on from there and looked at postings from both sides in an effort to try to figure out what the hell an SJW was and why someone was calling me an MRA. Silly me for wanting to judge on merits. My bad. They automatically assume I'm sexist when, really, their gender is the least of my concerns and not really a concern at all unless I plan on sleeping with them or, you know, looking at them while they're naked.

*sighs* I'm a bad person by default. I don't even have to do anything. I mean, yeah, I'm an asshole but I should at least have done something that deserves an insult before it's blindly thrown. Trust me, give me a few minutes and I'm sure I'll do something to give you a reason to insult me. Just throwing them at me by default seems a bit silly and counterproductive. It makes me not want to consider their points, no matter how rational they might be. Imagine that! I don't like to listen to spittle flecked zealots. Again, I'm sure that makes me a bad person. I mean, yeah, I guess I kind of could be but not for that. Ah well...

Comment Re:It's pretty simple, really. (Score 1) 581

Thank you. I thought that I'd read that stuff before. I'm an outside watching while eating the proverbial popcorn. It's mostly just to amuse myself that I even check on it and I only bothered because it kept coming up and I had no idea what the hell an SJW was. Someone had accused me of being an MRA and I was baffled. I looked it up and giggled as it couldn't be further from the truth. I'm an egalitarian and employed numerous high quality engineers and programmers that were female and very good at their job.

Oh no! I want people to be good at their job! That means I'm some sort of sexist, racist, or homophobic or whatnot? It's even more confusing because I spend a goodly amount of time hanging around with the 'genderqueer" community. I'm also racially mixed. :/ Ah well... I really don't understand it and the more I try to get it (the whole understanding of the thinking process - of both sides, really) the more confused I get.

I will say that there has been horrific behavior on both sides at this point and that no side is able to claim the moral high ground from what I can see. I'm sure certain individuals can but the groups, as a whole, have failed to do so. I also wonder who's trolling who and pretending to be acting on behalf of the other group. I'm sure there's some much like there are Republicans who pretend to be Democrats just to make them seem a caricature.

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