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Comment: Re:Vulture Communisim: the Russian System (Score 1) 146

by ckedge (#46819851) Attached to: VK CEO Fired, Says Company Under Kremlin Control

> What I don't understand is why anyone would invest a single dime of their own money in a business operating in a country where the instant an investment starts paying off, someone else will come reap all your rewards.

They don't. Not any more, not to the same extent. Russia actually took a significant economic hit when the investment money slowly evaporated over the past 10 years, but it's hidden by the rise in the price of oil and gas (at least gas in Europe, still, so far..).

Comment: This article has NOTHING NEW, journo is an idiot (Score 1) 227

by ckedge (#46551379) Attached to: New Information May Narrow Down Malaysian Jet's Path

What's that? The pings "got longer"? OMG I've never heard that before, that sounds like new information!, post. post. post. post. post.

Ummm, except this was all published FIVE DAYS AGO, simply in a more useful form:

They've been searching based on this "new information" since TUESDAY:

Slate, FutureWise, Jeff Wise, and Timothy, are all idiots who are FIVE DAYS OUT OF DATE.

Comment: Re:Link to Detailed Account: Anyone Know Air Route (Score 1) 227

by ckedge (#46551345) Attached to: New Information May Narrow Down Malaysian Jet's Path

WHAT? That article is from 8 days ago!!! It's still talking about the Andamaan sea!! It says NOTHING about the search off Australia.

The diagram I saw two days ago showed all seven pings and their exact times (11 minutes past each hour), and that is how they have come up with these small slices of the arc. This article specifically states that:

Here is the image I'm talking about:

What the NTSB has done is very simple. Assume it's most likely the plane is travelling at a steady speed, not too fast, not too slow, and mathematically match that to the available ping locations. BAM, you have the smalls slices shown there. All of the other areas would require the plane to do wierd things like turn around after the last ping, or slow down excessively, or speed up excessively.

OP's story/article is a pile of baloney, just like most media coverage. ALL of the pings have been used to create the new search areas, the ones that they've been carefully searching SINCE TUESDAY.

Comment: Re:Peering and Bandwidth Symmetry (Score 1) 182

by ckedge (#46548827) Attached to: Level 3 Wants To Make Peering a Net Neutrality Issue

Peering is for peers. For backbone providers.

Comcast is not a peer. Comcast is an end user. Comcast should pay for both the inbound and outbound traffic onto a backbone.

Nowwww, this gets complicated as hell if Comcast owns or bought a backbone network.

I don't know. Maybe the old model just doesn't work any more, because in the old days "soruces" and "sinks" were spread out, now they're not, they're all segregated, network A is all sinks, network B is all source. And the idea that "source pays" seems kind of stupid. The siniks are the information consumers. Although I guess that provides no incentive for sources to get good network connections.

Maybe the "net source pays" should only apply if the traffic is traversing a network. If it's destination is on the given network, it should be "sink pays". If the source is on the given network, then it should be "source pays".

So you have a hosting plan, you are a source, you pay your hosting provider who pays their ISP. You have DSL or Cable, you are a sink and you pay your provider who pays for network. In between the two, anyone who accepts traffic that transits their network, well those peering points should obviously operate on some kind of "net source" manner, because that provides incentive for networks to build themselves out to reduce their "net source" charges.

Comment: Re:Arcs are a lie (Score 1) 145

by ckedge (#46500461) Attached to: US Navy Strategists Have a Long History of Finding the Lost

> Arcs are a lie

Arcs are TESTABLE. Imarsat staff can look at live online airliner data and live ping timing data, and calibrate their calculations. If it's "plus or minus 5000 miles", it will be obvious. If it's "plus or minus 100 miles", it will also be obvious.

Please leave the eningeering and science to the Engineers and Scientists.

Comment: Re:Already denied (Score 0) 382

Did anyone OTHER than a bloody news organization specifically actually say this?

I'm certain it was a MISQUOTE or a badly written vague re-summary. Literally 12 hours ago I read a two part sentence, where the first part was based on what an "un-named source said", and the second part of the sentence even to my ears clearly was a vague rewrite of what the idiot reporter "understood" from what the source said but was note specifically quoted on.

Read one way the sentence the REPORTER wrote could be interpreted as "they have 4 hours of engine data", read the other way it was clear that the reporter was told "the engines were working at xpm and had fuel for 3 more hours"... and the fucking REPORTERS wrote up a summary that would OBVIOUSLY be misleading.

Seriously, the MEDIA is the biggest problem with this entire fucking thing. I.M.P.O.

Comment: Re:Hard drives + Robocopy (Score 1) 983

by ckedge (#46463117) Attached to: How Do You Backup 20TB of Data?

Yup, same here. It's annoying, having twice as many hard drives as one needs including one entire set on the shelf, but it's the way to go.

I don't actually have a raid array for the live data, I have just a collection of disks mounted individually and so the files are already forced into "appropriate sized sets" suitable for a simple full disk robocopy.

I'm not sure what I'd do if I had a massive raid array of that size. Probably just grin and bear it and have a single 1-3 TB "new/incoming" that can be regularly backed up, and when it was full then make a final backup for the shelf and move it's contents into the long term raid array storage area, and I'd (try) and never make changes to the main long term raid files.

Comment: Re:Fucking Stupid, Cheap Indians (Score 1) 354

by ckedge (#46087921) Attached to: New Russian Fighter Not Up To Western Standards

> There was a trial

In Italy. I grew up assuming Italy was a first world western country, and from a few select aspects it is. But there's a whole bunch of other things that they are almost no better than 2nd or 3rd world at. The fact that they prosecuted and convicted someone of something like this in my and many people's books is utterly and completely worthless.

Comment: Re:Use AdBlock and NoScript (Score 2) 408

by ckedge (#45696253) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Would You Secure Your Parents' PC?

> enforcing Firefox with Adblock and Noscript

Yup, this. My 65 year old mom was able to put up with the annoyances of Noscript. She told me all the websites she regularly uses and I went through her bookmarks and history and configured Noscript to allow the minimums necessary on the sites that didn't quite work without partial permissions.

I even went so far as to install a local copy of VMware and put a browser in it without noscript (but with adblock), and told her to use it if she was ever "browsing dark corners and stuff she doesn't normally browse, wanted to click on a link in e-mail, or wanted to install something".

The computer within a computer confused her a little bit, don't think she ever did really understood that, but she got used to it and knew how to use it.

I think I was lucky that she'd not been on the internet long nor signed up for anything ever -- she got zero spam. That might be your second biggest viral vector. To counter that, I'd say tell her she's not to look at attachments or click on links in e-mail, even and especially if the e-mail came from friends or family, without forwarding the e-mail to you first.

Comment: Re:Personally (Score 1) 655

by ckedge (#45289759) Attached to: Most IT Workers Don't Have STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math) Degrees

Yeah, but when they're communicating via e-mail and filing bug reports and writing documentation, they're SKIMPING heavily.

The difference in quality and quantity of written content between people who can touch type and people who can't, is pretty big.

impo touch typing should be a mandatory class in high school these days.

Comment: Re:Man the FL state attornies just want to fuck up (Score 1) 569

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> proscribed by neighborhood watch guides.

Yeah and my Mom tells me not to stay out past midnight.

Is it illegal for you to walk around your neighbourhood and talk to people?

Dude, I'm the second Canuck you've run into tonight, and I'm left leaning - and you're the one coming off to me as "off your rocker".

Comment: Speaking of lying (Score 1) 385

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..way back in the 90's for a while it was "a thing" to attach fake "false positive" sentences and words to online posts and e-mails to "gum up" the data collected by echelon. How come American's haven't immediately started that up again? I haven't even heard the idea mentioned. You'd think Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert would think of and be on board with something like that.

They could call it "talk like a terrorist" month.

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