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Comment: Disband the DHS! (Score 1) 402

by wilhelm (#29351453) Attached to: What the DHS Knows About You

Yet another reason the DHS should be disbanded. You know, beside the half-billion other reasons. The RIAA treats their customers this way, and it got them everylasting scorn and loss of a non-trivial amount of their customer base. The government treats their customers this way (let's face it, we're no longer citizens, we're customers), and there is absolutely nothing we can do. If we speak out, we're labelled as "unamerican", and subject to a host of more intrusive measures, from which we also have no recourse. Habeas corpus be damned! Fourth amendment be damned!

I refuse to get on a plane in the US until they're gone... so that means I'm probably not going to fly again in my lifetime.

Comment: I'd love to leave IT (Score 1) 386

by wilhelm (#28075689) Attached to: The Case For Working With Your Hands

I kind of fell into doing IT, because I couldn't think of anything else to do. I had been programming since age 10, and had fun doing my little projects, and thought, "oh sure, I suppose I could do that for work."

When I had originally gone to college, it was to a photography program (pre-digital, all wet process). I burned out on that, and went to a different school, and decided that since I have always loved cars, I wanted to work with designing and building them. The engineering program where I was quickly quashed any such notion. So I just kind of fell back to what I knew best. I got into the CS program, coasted through it, and here I am, <mumble> years later, in a job about which I couldn't care less.

I'm at a salary level which I couldn't hope to match with any other profession, especially considering that I'm unexperienced in any other field. I think that I would just have to swallow the pay cut, and make a clean break, because IT just doesn't do a thing for me any longer.

So now I just have to figure out what I want to do when I grow up. Most of my hobbies involve some sort of hand craftsmanship - cooking, baking, woodworking, photography, even sewing. I'm sure doing something similar would be awesome.

Comment: True nerd naming (Score 1) 1397

by wilhelm (#26705625) Attached to: Why Do We Name Servers the Way We Do?

My home network is all named for the outer planes in D&D. The firewall is nirvana, the general-purpose mail/web/ldap server is limbo, one of the normal hosts is paradise. The non-host devices are named after the elemental planes - the printer is earth. There are a whole ton of names left, including lots of sub-planes. There are 7 sub-planes of the Seven Heavens, f'rinstance: lunia, mercuria, venya, solania, mertion, jovar, and chronias, in addition to heaven. I've got 90 hostnames in my zonefile, only a few of which are being used right now.

A couple of jobs ago, we had a set of machines which ran an Oracle stack. fred and barney were the DB nodes; pebbles, bambam, and dino were the app layer; and wilma and betty were the web heads. It was easy to talk about the Flintstones gang, when referring to the whole stack.


Messenger Sends First Full Fly-By Image of Mercury 55

Posted by timothy
from the most-strained-backformation-name-ever dept.
An anonymous reader writes with this snippet from Gizmodo: "NASA's Messenger (MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry and Ranging spacecraft) has flown by just 125 miles over the surface of Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun and the smallest in the Solar System. This is the first time in history that the whole planet is going to be photographed in its entirety by an Earthling probe, with amazing resolution and ultra-crisp detail." The picture at the top of the linked story is fantastic, too.

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