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Submission + - GPL Use Declining Faster Than Ever ( 3

bonch writes: An analysis of software licenses shows usage of GPL and other copyleft licenses declining at an accelerating rate. In their place, developers are choosing permissive licenses such as BSD, MIT, and ASL. One theory for the decline is that GPL usage was primarily driven by vendor-led projects, and with the shift to community-led projects, permissive licenses are becoming more common.

Comment Re:Apple and the UK (Score 0) 127

They were complained about adverts for the iPhone - it was ironic that with such a great product they had to stoop to such misrepresentation.

Oh come on - they showed something you could actually do with an iPhone, just not in the 23 seconds it took in the video. Adds where the phones literally pick the sun out of the sky are however accepted as okay, just like that spot where the train station is quickly filled with people just because somebody uses this rad new phone - because the whole idea is stupid to begin with, nobody cares that you couldn't gather a crowd in 30 seconds.

Comment Re:Afro-American Racism Against Whites and Asians (Score 1) 287

I used to think like you, but the pride you speak of is one thing when you're proud of the minority you're in, and another when you're proud to be part of a majority group. It would be nice if we all thought of ourselves as being "Americans". (Conservative solutions to huge problems often involve having everybody deciding to behave in a certain way or to believe something.) But we don't. And there are lots of people who think they think that way, but they really don't. Show them a person of the wrong race, and "American" isn't the first thought that pops into their heads.

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