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Comment: Re:Grey Goo (Score 1) 232

by wildzer0 (#27344103) Attached to: Stardock, Microsoft Unveil Their Own New Anti-Piracy Methods

Ironically, their method sounds a bit like safedisc. You know...encrypt the executable file? But how does it work? When someone changes their email address, does that change follow with this? I'm guessing potentially not.

It's quite simple, you deauthenticate the file and then authenticate it again with your new email address.

Comment: GOO allows you to sell the game again (Score 1) 232

by wildzer0 (#27343767) Attached to: Stardock, Microsoft Unveil Their Own New Anti-Piracy Methods
Thats the major point here that those other systems don't have:

"It opens the door to gamers being able to resell their games because users can voluntarily disable their game access and transfer their license ownership to another user."

Of course, this could also mean that publisher are less interested in using it as the other systems actively prevent a second hand market (which in their eyes means more copies sold).

+ - New Scanner Takes Stunning Images of Your Insides ->

Submitted by Michelle
Michelle (666) writes "Philips Medical Systems has recently unveiled a new medical scanner that can take images of the inside of the body with stunning precision. Called the Brilliance Computerized Tomography (CT) scanner, the machine takes images of slices of the human body and combines them to create realistic images of organs, blood vessels, and other body parts. The images produced are nothing short of AMAZING."
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The Internet

+ - First German living on the Internet->

Submitted by wildzer0
wildzer0 (889523) writes "Marcel is the first German living completely on the Internet — A camera follows him wherever he is and transmits live into the internet via UMTS. There are no pauses, that means you can see him sleeping as well as taking a bath or simply going to the toilet. The website features a live chat, a calendar with activities and a map, that is connected to a GPS transmitter Marcel is carrying. The plan is to have the camera online at least a year. Some friends are not that happy about this though: "Sadly I won't be able to see some good friends for a long time, but I hope this experience is worth it". Currently, he is online for more than 2 days (6 days including the test phase)."
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User Journal

Journal: Captain Copyright Expires 114

Journal by Xenographic

The Canadian superhero Captain Copyright has finally expired, not due to pirates, but because "the current climate around copyright issues will not allow a project like this one to be successful." The cartoon was intended to provide an education in copyright law for children, but it became a focus for criticism when even the Canadian Library Association condemned it for lacking of balance in how it ignored issues like Fair Dealing (Canada's v

Stinginess with privileges is kindness in disguise. -- Guide to VAX/VMS Security, Sep. 1984