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Comment: The *obvious* answer... (Score 1) 488

by whitroth (#48370679) Attached to: Denmark Faces a Tricky Transition To 100 Percent Renewable Energy

Is to nationalize the electric utilities, then they don't need to be run to make a profit fo their CEOs and venture capitalists. Then running them at cost, or a modest "surplus", would also cut costs, and prevent sudden shutdowns by aforesaid CEOs and investors....

                mark "but the libertarians here would rather pay through the nose (but none of *them* live near a coal-fired
                                        power plant)"

Comment: Turnout? (Score 1) 224

by whitroth (#48352141) Attached to: Mayday PAC Goes 2 For 8

As in the headline "lowest voter turnout in 70 years"? As in, " Just 36.4 percent of eligible voters turned out in 2014" http:///

This is a US national disgrace. You don't like who's running, so just go play video games, and let the oldigarchs get the best government money can buy.

If you didn't vote, shut up. Better, leave, and go somewhere that you can play games, and as long as you do that, the government won't bother you. Hmmm, isn't North Korea like that?


Comment: Too bad I'm an old guy... (Score 1) 716

by whitroth (#48335091) Attached to: Bounties vs. Extreme Internet Harassment

... and no one threatens me. Bounties would be nice... but I think I'd start out with the simple solution: you threaten me, you're a coward. Come on, show up at at and try to kill me... or are you that much of a coward that you can't deal with what I said, and if you actually do something, you'll want to shoot me in the back, just like any *coward*.


PS trolls - yeah, your cock *is* too small, and if you've ever gotten laid, you've never been able to satisfy a woman - you're just a selfish little kid, not a man.

Comment: Give me a break! (Score 0) 349

by whitroth (#48273183) Attached to: Suspected Ebola carriers in the U.S. ...

My odds on winning the lottery for hundreds of millions of dollars, and buying a ticket on a Soyuz to the Space Station are *vastly* better than your odds of catching ebola.

For that matter, my odds of getting killed when someone "looses control" of their car and jumps the sidewalk are zillions of times higher than catching ebola.

Oh... and I work not a few hundred yearas from where one of the nurses that was suspected of having it was sent.

                    mark, in the home of the of the terrified and stupid

Comment: They did sell Newtons (Score 1) 287

by whitroth (#48213813) Attached to: Will the Google Car Turn Out To Be the Apple Newton of Automobiles?

Google car ain't going anywhere.

Last week, we had an IPv6 transition seminar where I work, and the keynote speaker was none other than Vint Cerf.

His title of "Internet evangelist" is right - sorta like, I dunno, Pat Robertson.

He told us that the next iteration of google car will *NOT* have a steering wheel, brake, or gas peddle. I quote, "you might be in the back, drinking, or doing crosswords, and so you won't have the context if an alarm goes off, and you'll do the wrong thing".

Now, when I drive home, one road goes from two narrow lanes, with the center line going away to no center line, cars are parked on one side (there's a park on the other), and busses use this route. Go ahead, tell me that anyone's software can handle that road... and we're in a old, big suburb of Washington, DC.

                mark "and I don't want *you* to have a flying car, either, since you'd crash into my second-floor bedroom"

Comment: Re:Overly broad? (Score 1) 422

by whitroth (#48187299) Attached to: Soda Pop Damages Your Cells' Telomeres

I'll give you one: preservatives.

Many years ago, at one job, I was drinking several cans of soda a day. One day, while eating lunch, I started thinking about the label: 1/10 of 1% preservative. So, 1% from drinking 10 cans... and a hundred cans, which might be one month, is a pound of preservative.....

No need for embalming when you go, you're already well-preserved.


Comment: How to start? (Score 1) 352

Easy: first build several *real* space stations, not "outposts in space", that serve the same way airports do, and use orbit-to-orbit ships - true spacegoing vessels. Once those are up, interplanetary travel is *much* cheaper.

Then we build the magelev launchers on the Moon....


Comment: Re:For everything there is a season (Score 1) 228

by whitroth (#48141939) Attached to: Pentagon Unveils Plan For Military's Response To Climate Change


        Your odds of getting ebola are significantly less than mine of winning the lottery and buying a flight on a Soyuz to the ISS. The odds that someone who should have stopped driving years ago, or a drunk, or someone texting, will run you down with their car is hundreds of thousands of time higher.

      Lessee: ~300M Americans, > 40K killed in auto accidents; 2 dead from ebola.


The key elements in human thinking are not numbers but labels of fuzzy sets. -- L. Zadeh