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Comment Re: Markets, not people (Score 1) 615

Some people will still show up for work because it is interesting, or because they like eating above average food. Ultimately, there will still need to be some highly skilled, and paid, workers to keep the automated society running.

I believe we wil transition from 40 hour work weeks gradually to work optional, but here is the below average housing, food, and clothes that you get. Want better stuff? Get a job looking pretty or something like figuring out how to use limited resources more efficiently.

Comment Re: Markets, not people (Score 1) 615

US wages have been stagnant while the rest of the world catches up. The U.S. will likely maintain a wage premium due to worker productivity and IP enforcement, but regulation and taxes will eventually put downward pressure on US wages relative to the rest of the world.

Please quote useful statistics. What is Asia's median wage / US median wage now vs in the past. An imbalance is being fixed by market forces. Get used to it.

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