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Comment: Forget E vs W Germany. (Score 1) 619

by wheeda (#47506087) Attached to: Experiment Shows People Exposed To East German Socialism Cheat More

Check out the difference between Republican and Democrat convictions for fraud or similar problems by politicians. This controls for many more variables than a comparison between E and W Germany, but gets you a similar outcome in terms of a correlation between believing in socialism and being willing to cheat to get what you think is right.

Correlation isn't causation, but it is at least a better study.

Comment: Re: Yep, how the music industry was killed... (Score 1) 192

by wheeda (#47496337) Attached to: Amazon Isn't Killing Writing, the Market Is

So I really want to be a male prostitute. The problem is that most males want to be having sex most of the time. This means that there isn't much market for the services I want to provide. Not only can I not give my product away, I have to pay people to take it.

The technology we've created has democratized the creation of art, writing and music, in this case. People who want to can. It may be sad that your favorite writer isn't getting rich, but it is great that any idiot who want to try can publish an album or book, even if it never ends up being profitable.

We are heading in the right direction.

Comment: Re: I guess they won't need any more foreign Visas (Score 1) 383

by wheeda (#47481263) Attached to: Microsoft CEO To Slash 18,000 Jobs, 12,500 From Nokia To Go

I love this idea. The problem is programming/CS is too much of a mess to be able to engineer anything to a PE level. I suppose one could argue that NASA can do it. A PE quality programmer could do it on an extremely simple processor and tool chain, but having PE quality software isn't where the market is at.

Comment: Re: UPS (Score 1) 241

by wheeda (#44277463) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Enterprise Level Network Devices For Home Use?

Sometime back someone stole the formula for the electolytic and sold s bunch of it. Sadly the didn't get the formula right. The world is still suffering the consequences. Replacing the barrel caps is usually the right answer. You could open a service store and only know how to solder and order caps and probably do OK.

Comment: Re:Gid Rid of All Sales Taxes (Score 1) 229

by wheeda (#39571971) Attached to: Federal Court Tosses Colorado's Amazon Tax
This is true. It is also true that only 50% of people actually pay income tax. If we had a flat tax with no deductions, the whole population would be interested in reducing government spending. Right now 50% of the population wants more government spending because it doesn't cost them anything. Who wouldn't?

Comment: Beginnings of a violent criminal (Score 5, Insightful) 260

Most violent criminals have their beginnings as a crying baby. Ergo, we should collect DNA from all crying babies. This will allow our helpful government to keep us safe. I'm way more concerned about turnstile jumpers than our government collecting a little DNA.

Comment: Promote innovation by taxing it... (Score 1) 380

by wheeda (#36668008) Attached to: How America Can Get Its Tech Mojo Back
..end troll headline.. I propose that IP (ideally both patent and copyright) be taxed. Now as a good republican, this feels revolting, but I think it might help. Owners of IP would state the value of their IP. In order to keep the size of government from swelling like a festering bug bite from all the audits, people should be able to purchase the IP at face value into the public domain. This will keep the owners honest while giving potential non-owner innovators a known cost forward. (wheeda turns on lawyer shield. Shields at maximum!) The original owner will be fully compensated for their contribution to society, or even make a hefty profit depending on their stated value, while the rest of the community is able to further leverage the idea. I believe this approach will make being a patent troll very expensive, while busting up the tie that bind innovation. Further more, in this climate, passing a new tax should be relatively simple. Not simple, just relatively simple.

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