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Comment Similar crimes in Humboldt. (Score 3, Interesting) 198

A couple years ago, there were a series of fiber cuts in Humboldt County (300 mi. north of SF). They only targeted fiber owned by Suddenlink. The authorities suspected a telecom professional. A reward was offered, but they never caught the person. The cuts stopped after a couple months.

Comment Carbon Fiber (Score 1) 363

We should sequester our carbon in carbon fiber. If someone can come up with an efficient way to make carbon fiber out of CO2, we could have massive solar farms provide the energy to pump the stuff out and use it to build all kinds of things like bridges, skyscrapers, space elevators, and fake christmas trees.

Comment HyperCard was a fantastic prototyping tool. (Score 1) 299

HyperCard was awesome. It was fairly easy to create a fully functional gui application that someone might pay money for- possibly without writing a line of code. My first serious application was in HyperCard. HyperCard was dog-ass slow though.

I think Apple killed HyperCard because of the performance issues, and because it didn't fit into Jobs' vision. Once they settled on NeXT for OSX, the NeXTStep environment had a lot of cutting edge rapid development features but with the speed of compiled code. They didn't want to develop two separate environments, so HyperCard got the axe.

It is too bad. I would love to see HyperCard alive again.

Comment Vehemently against. (Score 1) 613

DST is a fascist ploy to make more money from the proletariat. In the spring, they "borrow" an hour of our time, and then give it back in the fall. Time is money. Borrowed money earns interest. Do they pay us interest on the time they borrowed from us? Nope. For each of us individually this is a paltry sum each year, but year after year for all of us it really adds up.

I also really hate waking up before the sun comes up.

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