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Comment A good monitoring system helps (Score 3, Interesting) 64

You should be using your monitoring system to gather performance data, and then analyzing that data.

I am partial to check_mk right now, but I've done this kind of thing on nagios with pnp4nagios. When you have your monitoring system gathering network interface data, disk usage, cpu utilization, etc, and storing it in some kind of database like rrd, influxdb, or graphite, it isn't that much of a stretch to examine that data as an aggregate and graph trends. It really is amazing all the stuff you can figure out with this technique.

Comment Similar crimes in Humboldt. (Score 3, Interesting) 198

A couple years ago, there were a series of fiber cuts in Humboldt County (300 mi. north of SF). They only targeted fiber owned by Suddenlink. The authorities suspected a telecom professional. A reward was offered, but they never caught the person. The cuts stopped after a couple months.

Comment Carbon Fiber (Score 1) 363

We should sequester our carbon in carbon fiber. If someone can come up with an efficient way to make carbon fiber out of CO2, we could have massive solar farms provide the energy to pump the stuff out and use it to build all kinds of things like bridges, skyscrapers, space elevators, and fake christmas trees.

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