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Comment Re:Isn't Cheaper, the American Dream? (Score 5, Informative) 294

The previous sentence in the Wikipedia article says that those restrictions (that is, the requirement to attest to recruiting U.S. workers, and to have not laid off U.S. worker in equivalent positions) apply only to "certain banks and other financial institutions." It's not the general rule.

Comment Re:Oh ffs (Score 2) 622

People that buy Apple stuff "because it just works" are just like people who voted for Hitler because "at least he'll make the trains run on time". Worse in fact.

Mussolini took credit for making the trains run on time. I'm going to hazard a guess that German trains were running on time all along.

Comment Re:Not bound by the statute of limitations? (Score 1) 395

Did I just read that the government is not bound by the statute of limitations? ..and here I thought the statute of limitations was specifically there to bind the government.

Actually, TFA says the Federal government is not bound by state statutes of limitation. I imagine that's to, say, prevent Texas from setting a 30 second limitations period on federal claims, thereby allowing all federal property within the state to be confiscated.

Comment Re:Punish Trolls (Score 1) 209

The name "Hamburger" is trademark to McDonalds too, and corresponds to the simplest hamburger sandwich.

Thanks for spreading some FUD. Not that I'm a fan of McDonalds, but they actually have a trademark on the phrase "McDonalds Hamburgers". Note the disclaimer: Applicant disclaims the right to the exclusive use of the word "Hamburgers" apart from the mark as shown..

Comment Re:And this is news? (Score 1) 292

Once phones were being switched automatically there was slightly more privacy than when Gladys was connecting Bob to Mary across town, and Gladys just happened to mention it to Bob's wife one day when she ran into her at the market.

If you're going to go back as far as the switchboard, most people would have been using party lines, which pretty much guaranteed that your neighbors were all up in your business.


School District Drops 'D' Grades 617

Students in one New Jersey school district will no longer be able to squeak by in class after the Morris County School Board approved dropping the D grade. Beginning in the fall students who don't get a C or higher will get an F on their report card. "I'm tired of kids coming to school and not learning and getting credit for it," said Superintendent Larrie Reynolds in a Daily Record report.

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