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Comment Re:Or backtick (Score 1) 154 154

Most of my gaming is PC only these days, but with respect to the tilde key: the lack of a tilde key is pretty much an instant "will not buy this product" for me.

The same goes for other punctuation. I know I'm not the target market for most things like tablets and smartphones (wanting my computer to compute stuff rather than blindly spit out cat videos), but if I have a computing device that makes typing special characters a real pain, chances are I won't ever use it.

Comment Re:The joys of youth (Score 1) 147 147

It's hard to do nuance in a first post. (I'm sick of the cow thing, so I'd rather have almost anything else first.) You raise great points.

When I say, "chasing versions", I'm referring to the practice of immediately upgrading to a new release of something, without a testing (community or otherwise) period for that specific version. In my experience, that practice made me great at finding stupid bugs and weird edge cases in other peoples' code. It's a lot of time and I'd rather not be that person if I need to ship a product.

Once things have shipped and you're in maintenance mode, you can make changes that cut across the entire project, because there's less pressure on you. What you've done sounds like exactly that: moderate advancement, rather than always being on the absolute cutting edge.

Okay, you ACs can make MOO cow jokes now.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 147 147

That's a shame. (Really.) Dice were relatively benign overlords compared to some others who might have been even more aggressive in their attempts to monetize us.

Not that I particularly like Dice. But Slashdot is still here, mostly intact, and still the bastion of free speech that no one else wants to be. That ought to count for something.

Comment Re:Change Is Life (Score 4, Informative) 147 147

You don't need to stick to it forever, just long enough for it to become stable and reasonably well accepted. You don't need to be the early adopter in the middle of active development. When you've got some breathing room (your stuff is relatively stable) and aren't going to waste a weeks worth of your team's money, then you can think about moving to newer versions of tools, libraries, etc..

Comment The joys of youth (Score 5, Informative) 147 147

Since it's not possible to install the just-released Visual Studio 2015 without .NET 4.6, this means developers must make the difficult choice between using the latest tools or risking crippling bugs such as this one.

If you're a dev, you shouldn't be chasing versions. Find a stable version, stick with it through your project. SE already has enough of that "stuff changing out from under me" feel without adding to the issue.

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