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Comment: not quite Re:A point to note (Score 1) 565

by weeeeed (#31480296) Attached to: Scientology Tries To Block German Documentary

As for China, they don't really care about your religion that much as it is made to seem, as long as your religion does not get political. It's a kind of easy to follow rule. Falun gong is more a cult with clearly defined political intentions than a religion, anything else is just a plain lie.

Comment: Re:I recommend (Score 5, Informative) 153

by weeeeed (#31449368) Attached to: Best Pre-Paid Data Plan For a Visit To Germany?

Yeah, is pretty good. But you will need internet access and some basic german skills to activate the card on their website.

100mb/30 days: EUR 3.90, activate by calling 1155 and pressing 8,1,4,1

1Gb/30 days: EUR9.90, 1155 and press 8,1,2,1

Unlimited/30 days: EUR19.90, dial 1155, press 8,1,3,1

All plans auto-extend the next month, to disable dial 1155 and press 8,2,1

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Journal: A can of worms

Journal by weeeeed

Oh, wormy worms, I love you so.
My garden's earth you toil and till
You eat, excrete, make veggies grow.

The secret things you wormies know
Learned in darkness, earth's not still,
Oh wormy worms, I love you so.

You labor there, above I sow.
Your sounds of work are never shrill
You eat, excrete, make veggies grow.

Above your toil, the lawns I mow
Aware of beaded wormy hill
Oh wormy worms, I love you so.

The Internet

+ - down taking 1000s of sites with it

Submitted by
werelnon writes: "Today at around 5PM PST nameservers and the main website went down. seems to be responding to some lookups, but mostly timesout. the web interface is completely down. Maybe this is a repeat of the DDOS attack that took them down back in 2006? I'm hard pressed to find any news about this online at the moment."

Comment: Re:How about governments? (Score 1, Flamebait) 340

by weeeeed (#27282467) Attached to: No Business Case For IPv6, Survey Finds

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