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+ - Australian On-Line Poll Based Senator, Dangerous?

Submitted by exeme
exeme (831902) writes "The 2007 Australian election was recently announced and a new completely on-line based political party is running for election to the Australian Senate. Senator On-Line will give Australian residents eligible to vote a chance to vote in on-line polls for every piece of legislation that comes to the Senate. The senator will then blindly vote in accordance with the majority.

The party has no position on anything until it is voted on and has been approved by the Australian Electoral Commission as a legitimate party. The party will be running two candidates in each Australian state.

It's a new and interesting idea, but is giving the unwashed masses the chance to vote on party positions in this way a wise idea or something fraught with danger?"

+ - Novell Make Linux Driver Project a Reality

Submitted by
apokryphos writes "Novell have relaunched the Linux Driver Project by dedicating well-known kernel developer Greg KH to work on the project full-time. Greg KH writes:

"My employer, Novell, has modified my position to now allow me to work full time on this project. Namely getting more new Linux kernel drivers written, for free, for any company that so desires. And to help manage all of the developers and project managers who want to help out...They really care about helping make Linux support as many devices as possible, with fully open-source drivers.""
It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - Wide Open

Submitted by exeme
exeme (831902) writes "For several hours Adobe's Shockwave download servers were wide open, with anyone able to access any file on the system using a simple web browser. The attack involved a poorly set up web server running on an old version of Solaris, which was venerable to a simple ../ attack. This has since been fixed in the last few hours, trying the attack results in the message "We are unable to locate a Web player that matches your platform and browser". Below is an example URL that was able to be used (no longer functioning, provided for educational reasons):


+ - OLPC Smalltalk Book Available (for Free!)->

Submitted by
gafisher writes ""Squeak by Example," a new book revealing the ins and outs of the OLPC version of Smalltalk, offers hands-on examples and exercises suitable for novices, teachers and developers to learn the Squeak dialect of the Smalltalk programming language. Squeak is the "official" version chosen and used by Dr. Alan Kay, inventor of Smalltalk and member of the OLPC guidance committee. With millions of OLPC computers expected soon to be in the hands of the upcoming generation, it will be an advantage, perhaps a requirement, for developers to master Squeak. Here's a good start. Review and links at:"
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+ - Richard "RMS" Stallman Peru Earthquake 2

Submitted by ro1
ro1 (988039) writes "From the Freenode IRC Network Staff: 18:43 [freenode] -!- WALLOP RichiH: Hi all. As you will surely have heard, there was a major earthquake in Peru. It seems Richard 'RMS' Stallmann was travelling from Lima to Chimbote with Mario Ramos on August 15th and no one has heard from him since. If you have any information, please email or poke us in #freenode. Also, if you happen to live in South or Central America, Plase consider donating blood as that is the only thing that can not easily be transported from outsid"

+ - Automatix Activly Dangerous to Ubuntu

Submitted by exeme
exeme (831902) writes "Ubuntu developer Matthew Garrett has recently analysed famed Ubuntu illegal software installer Automatix and found it to be actively dangerous to Ubuntu desktop systems. In a detailed report which only took Garrett a couple of hours he found many serious, show-stopper bugs and concluded that Ubuntu could not officially support Automatix in its current state. Garrett also goes on to say that simple Debian packages could provide all of the functionality of Automatix without any of the problems it exhibits."

+ - Freenode and OFTC IRC networks buddy up

Submitted by exeme
exeme (831902) writes "After growing apart for six years, Freenode and OFTC are now working together, and seeing where cooperation might take them.

"Two Internet Relay Chat (IRC) networks that are used heavily by free and open source software projects, Freenode and the Open and Free Technology Community (OFTC), are building bridges by swapping staff and observing each other's operations. The rapprochement brings together two organizations that sprang from a single project, and may be a precursor for more intimate ties."

Full article."

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