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Comment Re:Propaganda (Score 1) 635

As soon as the subsidies for nuclear power are removed the industry will die. Nuclear power exist only because of the welfare money they receive, the industry could not and would not support itself. The technology was invented by the government and even the insurance offered to nuclear power companies is provided for by the government. Some commie pinko must have though that one up.

Comment Re:Still skeptical about all-electric cars (Score 1) 359

How about the parts of America where there is precious little snow and hardly any hills? Well if you look around there now all you'll see is Arab fueled gas guzzlers. America has a huge problem from relying on foreign fuel and an even bigger problem caused by shipping so much of its currency out of the country, you remember the economy, scary isn't it? Worst of all is this problem has been know about since the early '70's and little has been done except for making it worse. Now if you live in Vermont or Denver then by all means keep your gas guzzler but if your flatland brothers had of been buying electric cars for the last twenty odd years then your good old gasoline would be a lot cheaper now and likely as a side benefit the towers would still be standing because the idle rich in Saudi wouldn't have been so rich and idle. Oh and I don't mean to focus on the evil dictatorship know as Saudi Arabia we buy oil from plenty of other despots and tyrannical regimes.

Comment Re:Sucks to be you (Score 1) 680

You never know what the major issues are without the benefit of hindsight. Rarely do people know how important the work they are doing is. Cops targeting individuals because they have personal vendettas against them would be a pretty good start but time will tell as they say.

A lot of people think that the police are out of control and have crossed the line into a unconstitutional military force, have you seen this? "The Largest Street Gang in America"

Comment Sucks to be you (Score 1) 680

How old are you? What happened to fight for your rights? I bet you're very young or your parents and or guardians have taken care of you your entire life. Its because of people who stood up and done something that we have everything good in this world. You know it was against the law to free slaves and people went to jail for doing just that. It used to be against the law for women to vote and to go shopping on Sunday and yes people went to jail for that too. Not challenging bad laws is a very bad idea because it had produced some of the worst despotic regimes the world has ever known.

Comment BP is a failure of corporate responsibility. (Score 1) 439

A company does not plug a poorly managed leaking hole in the sea, the employees plug the hole. This would not change under receivership.

BP is only a corporate facade, the government used to have the power to remove this facade if it no longer has this power then American has become a Fascist nation where foreign corporations have more power that "we the people".

From what I'm hearing BP has avoided proper safety methods in favor of protecting shareholder value. This has caused the loss of 11 lives, people were killed on that platform! Remember back to the Exxonvaldez, Exxon repeatedly and continuously fought in court to reduce its responsibility and receivership would prevent BP from putting the interest of its management and shareholders ahead of the damage they caused like Exxon did.

Comment Have they bought "Bitch Please"? (Score 0, Troll) 439

The president should temporarily take over BP's Gulf operations. We have a national emergency on our hands. No president would sit by and watch a privately owned nuclear reactor melt down and the gulf spill is the environmental equivalent.

Comment Re:Fleet managers! (Score 1) 132

I try to not judge what everyone else wants by what I want, but to each his own.

I guess you don't have a car equipped with an air bag? You know the airbag computer in every car is programmed to save data related to the deployment of its airbag. That means that every new car and those built for years have a system to monitor and record your activities.

I don't know how those GPS I see on the dash boards of every mini van and commuter car work but I wouldn't be surprised to find out that they already call home and upload trip data to be analyzed by the software vendor.

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