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Comment Arbitrary and no caps (Score 1) 103

I'd much prefer no caps as opposed to faster internet. I'll even take really high caps over the craziness we have now.

If we labeled home broadband the same way as cellular broadband, we'd be calling it 9G or something. And it would mean just as little to the consumer. It makes it harder to compare speeds/carriers. Just call it by what it is, peak speeds you're allowed to pull on their network.

It also seems that 5G can be arbitrarily defined. Whatever Verizon wants to call 5G, they can. Marketing.

Comment Universal (Score 1) 289

This will have to be more universal, with one provider seamlessly connecting with another. I don't want to keep 1 account per service and only having 1 account might limit who I could speak with. Imagine if email would have caught on if you had to have a gmail account in order to send an email to someone on gmail.

XMPP chat did most of what would be required, but it seems it's not catching on.

Comment It used to be terrible (Score 3, Interesting) 67

Hopefully they've improved this. I tried this software about a year ago and it was nearly unusable due to the lack of features. It didn't even support page breaks at the time. Some functionality is optional (bibliographies), some is required (page breaks). They probably shouldn't have included it in ownCloud before it had all of the required functionality, because that bad impression stuck with me.

Comment Not viable until it's opened (Score 1) 393

They would charge companies to use it, which makes it unusable in the bigger picture. If they opensource their algorithm and word list under a good license, this has a chance. Until they do that, this won't go anywhere.

Imagine the big mail/freight carriers having to pay them every time they have to translate a 3 word address. Not going to happen.

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