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Comment Cycle of life (Score 1) 133

All things are born, grow up, grow old and die, corporate citizens are not excluded from entropy. I guess you need to decide if you are a cell in the parent organism, destined to stay the course until the end. Or you're a bacteria destined to spread yourself and your progeny around to ensure your genome survives. Or your a virus destined to steal all the useful DNA and jump to a new host, whilst ensuring the ultimate demise of the old one. Or you could just go with the one that hires the youngest secretaries with the biggest tits.

Comment Why we use office (Score 1) 178

Put simply, its still the best thing going, FOSS Office is great for basic tasks, the best solution I have found is to use both, task dependent, being able to span ODF documents across platforms would be great. The availability of FOSS Office on a ram stick is its greatest feature, one that Microsoft has never attempted to emulate.

Comment Rules for aircraft are much stricter (Score 5, Interesting) 203

You can drive with a bent fender, but if you bend an aircraft it is instantly grounded until repaired, this may entail x-raying the superstructure etc. So a small bingle in a flying car means it instantly becomes just a car until repaired and approved for flight. Personally I cant see flying cars becoming a reality any time soon.

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