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Comment: I call Alarmism (Score 4, Interesting) 48

I did RTFA and found this gem: "the iOS version of the RCS Trojans hits only jailbroken devices". Also
“Once the sample is ready, the attacker delivers it to the mobile device of the victim. Some of the known infection vectors include spearphishing via social engineering – often coupled with exploits, including zero-days; and local infections via USB cables while synchronizing mobile devices,”

So, ya, while this is bad, it is not in the same league as what NSA's surveillance of everyone and everything is.

+ - Mt. Gox CEO Returns to Twitter, Enrages Burned Investors

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Mark Karpeles doesn't seem to understand how much anger and trouble the $400 million Mt. Gox fiasco caused his customers. According to Wired: "After a long absence, the Mt Gox CEO has returned to Twitter with a bizarre string of tone-deaf tweets that were either written by a Turing test chat bot, or by a man completely oblivious to the economic chaos he has wrought. His first message after losing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of bitcoins? 'What would we do without busybox?'—a reference to a slimmed-down Linux operating system used on devices such as routers. He’s also Tweeted about a noodle dish called yakisoba and Japanese transportation systems." Andreas Antonopoulos, the CSO with Blockchain says, "He continues to be oblivious about his own failure and the pain he has caused others. He is confirming that he is a self-absorbed narcissist with an inflated sense of self-confidence who has no remorse.”"

Comment: Re:what the flying fuck? (Score 1) 140

by wannabgeek (#45277459) Attached to: RIAA Targets 21 Sites For Shutdown


You've characterized the slashdot reader very well. They are libertarian as long as their jobs are safe and their lifestyle is not threatened. They want no government interference whether it's job market or drug ban. But put THEM in a market, start evaluating options for replacing them, they become protectionist!

Comment: Re:Big deal (Score 1) 201

Sure, as soon as you accept any product imported from US will have an automatic 20% extra "US tax" in other countries. You want to sell your products in other countries, but you want to outlaw other countries selling their products or services! That is not hypocritical, at all!

Comment: Re:I doubt most people will flinch but... (Score 1) 176

On my laptops, I do the same - run FB in either a different browser altogether, or a different Firefox user profile. I wish Firefox supported multiple processes simultaneously with each one under a different profile.
But I have succumbed and installed it on my phone, but the new permissions are making me think. I have not updated my FB yet, but will probably delete it and check it through browser if I ever need to.

Comment: Re:"techies" unemployed? Maybe those over 50... (Score 1) 242

by wannabgeek (#42599669) Attached to: IT Job Market Recovering Faster Now Than After Dot-com Bubble Burst

I heard Japan does honor and respect age, but it is not true in India. Definitely not in the IT industry (when I say IT, I include software development as well). Every product company publicly talks about how they want more "senior people" in technical ladder, but in reality, very few believe or support much. Managers will always be nudging you to gain more "visibility" and show more contribution. Even if you do the work of 5 people at your work, it will not count. Instead if you just don't fuckup the regular job, but talk bs or write a white paper (that nobody reads), you will be considered a super star. Because you know the managers want "well rounded" people at senior positions.

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