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+ - Nortel patents are being used to arm a patent troll

Submitted by wannabgeek
wannabgeek (323414) writes "Microsoft, Apple, RIM and a few other companies formed a consortium to bid for patents of the dying telecom company Nortel and won. Now, these patents are being used to feed a patent troll called Rockstar and it has employees dedicated to investigate and find infringements and pursue litigation. Is anyone surprised?"
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+ - Apple releases fix for zero-day Mac Java flaw

Submitted by wannabgeek
wannabgeek (323414) writes "From Washington Post, Apple on Monday released a critical update to its version of Java for Mac OS X that plugs at least a dozen security holes in the program. More importantly, the patch mends a flaw that attackers have recently pounced on to broadly deploy malicious software, both on Windows and Mac systems. The exploit in the wild is alleged to have infected more than half a million Macs already."

+ - Google accused of fraud in Kenya

Submitted by wannabgeek
wannabgeek (323414) writes "A Kenyan startup Mocality is accusing Google of fraudulently signing up small businesses for its web hosting service. Apparently Google Kenya employees were looking up businesses on Mocality (which is an online directory for Kenyan businesses), calling them up and telling them that Mokality is an affiliate of Google and making other false claims. Mokality also alleges that when Google Kenya suspected that someone is on to them, they shifted the operation to an Indian call center and the lookups were happening from IP addresses of Google Mountain View, which hints that there is a deeper involvement than one or a few rogue employees."

+ - DOJ inquiry on Apple armtwisting music publishers->

Submitted by wannabgeek
wannabgeek (323414) writes "According to an article in CNET, DoJ is asking questions on whether Apple sabotaged Amazon's "MP3 Daily Deals". It states that Apple managers had informed the labels that any music included in Amazon's promotion would receive no promotion at iTunes. Of course, this is just a preliminary inquiry and may or may not result filing of charges. Nevertheless, it would be interesting to watch what comes of it and if it helps free'ing up the competition, then it's a win for consumers."
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+ - Turing award announced

Submitted by wannabgeek
wannabgeek (323414) writes "Turing award for the year 2006 is awarded to Frances Allen, an IBM Fellow Emeritus, for her work in compiler optimizers. From this article: she also "worked on writing intelligence analysis software for the National Security Agency. More recently she helped design software for IBM's Blue Gene supercomputer." It is the first time a woman won this honour. She was also the first woman to become IBM Fellow in 1989."

+ - IBM files patent Infringment suits against Amazon

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wannabgeek writes "IBM filed a lawsuit against Amazon claiming willful infringement of its patents on various aspects of e-commerce. Here is another article about the same — claiming the suits were filed in Texas because districts there move quickly and are perceived as relatively responsive to intellectual-property claims. One interesting tidbit from the article: There appears to be no sensitive customer relationship at stake in the IBM-Amazon tussle. Traditionally a big customer of Hewlett-Packard Co., Amazon does little if any business with IBM. May be this will spur Amazon also to join the fight for clean up of the patent system."

+ - Gag order on military lawyers

Submitted by wannabgeek
wannabgeek (323414) writes "Excite news reports that A paralegal and a military lawyer who brought forward allegations about prisoner abuse at the Guantanamo Bay detention center have been ordered not to speak with the press. A spokeswoman for the Marines confirmed the order, saying the lawyer's supervisor — Col. Carol Joyce, the Marines' chief defense counsel — had directed him not to communicate with the media "pending her review of the facts.""

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