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Submission + - Premium Police Brutality And Activism App Goes Free On November 5th

vvaduva writes: In the last few months a number of anti-police brutality apps have come on the market, including one created by the ACLU, but today, on November 5th the makers of Cell 411 have decided to take the app free in a symbolic stand of technology against what is being perceived as a growing police state. The Cell 411 app is an emergency notification and response platform aimed at mobile users, families, neighbors and activists.

Comment Re:Symantec is a sales organization (Score 2) 95

A lot of the senior PGP developers are long gone. The product was split into several smaller pieces to help their bottom line, like e-mail encryption, disk encryption and their file encryption tools. Most people looking to buy the commercial version of PGP don't even know WHAT to buy simply because their marketing and sales lingo is so deliberately confusing.

Comment Re:Sounds like bullshit to me ... (Score 1) 217

Yes, especially large healthcare organizations. They seem to be stuck on the whole degree thing AND also paying much lower than average. Which is why they often end up with sub-par employees on board.

Bottom line, hone your skills, hold your ground and go for the best offers you can get.

Comment Re:Sounds like bullshit to me ... (Score 1) 217

I imagine it probably has a lot to do with the market and niche you are in and the supply and demand of jobs in that specific market. When there is a severe shortage of people to fill roles, many employers are willing to lower education requirements and focus on what someone can actually deliver.

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