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Comment: My half-shilling (Score 1) 528 528

I currently am an assistant to the systems manager at a department in my university, and we document stuff all the time for the very reason you bring up. Really, the main things to document are: - Server setup/maintenance - Network layout/settings - Solutions for important/frequently occurring issues - If you install computers using an image, document how this is done (we use Ghost where I work) - Descriptions of software used on network clients There are many other things that you can document, of course. But the above list contains what I consider to be most crucial.

Comment: Re:The Only Change You Can Believe In (Score 5, Interesting) 788 788

This is just so much more ammo for the "Please don't vote for either R or D!" argument.

Choosing the lesser of two evils is not a good policy. "Throwing away" your vote on a third party is always decried as the best way to let the other guy in. No, no, no, you need to vote for whichever (R or D) is closer to your views or else all your doing is letting the other one, that you really hate, in.

Can we agree that their both evil yet?

Can we make 2012 a third party year? Please?

Signed by me, a cynical brit that would love to see actual change on either side of the atlantic.

Can we please make 2012 a no party year? Candidates should be themselves rather than cloak themselves in stupid pointless ideologies.

Comment: Re:Or it is not spreading (Score 1) 1243 1243

Yes, Ubuntu is the easiest linux out there. I like how Dell and other vendors are offering it as an alternative to the bloated, unstable Windows Vista. Seriously, Ubuntu needs to be like the world's most widely used OS; it's much easier to use than Windows and Gnome has a much more intuitive interface than Windows ever will.

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