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Comment Re:The Future! (Score 1) 149

What makes this especially interesting, is the victory was not achieved with the sort of brute-force approach used by Deep Blue in chess.

Wake me when a computer can beat a human champion while using 100 w of power or less - about the equivalent power consumption of a human. Actually, the brain uses about 20% of this but lets be generous.

Comment Re:It's free beer (Score 2) 99

Bit Bucket works great for me - but I use MercurialHG for revision control because although there's TortioseGit for windows which works very well, it doeesn't exist for Linux - and I find the other Git front ends on Linux a bit cumbersome to use in comparison.
The TortoiseHG GUI absolutely rocks, (pretty similar to TortoiseGit) and is available for both Linux and windows.

Yes, I know you can use the command line tools, but it's a lot nicer having well integrated UI for this stuff when you start dealing with a lot of branches and many repositories.

Comment Re:Sounds like a good idea (Score 3, Insightful) 77

The Uber drivers are already paying registration fees, and fuel taxes, which are proportional to mileage, not to mention income tax just like everyone else on the revenue they earn - and that revenue is 100% trackable because it's all electronic - unlike cash - so there's no tax dodging, which can happen with directly negotiated taxi rides. (eg. I'll give you $30 bucks to take me down town - no meter)

In addition Uber (and taxis) helps support the entertainment and tourism industry - the main reason to get a taxi is because you can't drive - either because you are cashed up but don't have a car (eg tourist) or because you want to enjoy a few drinks at the bar / restaurant / friend's party, and are responsibly choosing not to drink and drive.
  In the latter two cases, if you drove yourself you would be spending less on alcohol resulting in overall lower income collected by the restaurant and lower tax revenue collected by the state. Taxi services and Uber actually allow the state to collect greater revenue just by existing, than if they didn't - and the restaurant / bar / entertainment industry should be rallying behind them to make it more affordable for people to get to their businesses for a nig

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 95

I used to use nVidia cards until I had a bad run of luck with a few overheating and dying prematurely.
I currently have an ATI and wish I'd stuck with Nvidia - monitors don't wake up from sleep properly - I have to toggle the video source buttons or turn them off and on again (generally only one or the other wakes - sometimes neither wake, very rarely both wake - it seems to be random), and there are still corruption issues with Chrome and some opengl apps- though this is better since the last (not current) update.
Never had those problems with Nvidia. One thing it has going for it - it hasn't died yet, after a couple of years use in my hot lounge room - which can get a little warm during a Gold Coast (Aus) summer.

Comment Re: Why? (Score 0) 452

Hey AC, see this big tear in my eye? that's me being all broke up about what some AC thinks. Not. Why don't you use your crappy experiences in school to try and improve others lives instead of trying to tear others down? Leave that crappy past and the losers that were part of it behind you, and build your life based on positive future goals instead of dwelling on a past you can't change.

Comment Re: Why? (Score 1) 452

Boo hoo - the bullys are being mean to me.
I grew up with a lot of bullying and it sucked - but I never thought it'd be a great idea to go all stabby stabby (no guns here in Aus) on someone to deal with it. I learnt the best weapon was to not give a shit about what they thought or the names they called me. Some one calls you some name - haha - is that really the best you can do? Come on you have to have a better imagination than that... They usually used the same old tired nickname I got in grade 1 for supposedly having an egg shaped head - not much you can do about that. After a while, they look pretty stupid carrying on and making a big deal about calling you names you don't care about. I didn't respect them or seek their approval as peers, so why would it bother me what they call me? Admittedly it did take until about grade 8 (middle school in the US?) before I came to this enlightened outlook.

As for physical attacks - I never really had to deal with any - but then I went to a school where that'd be a pretty quick suspension or expulsion if it came to blows. Perhaps that's not the case elsewhere.

Comment Re:Is it worth doing this in hardware? (Score 1) 128

I use Synergy too - and the multiple inputs of my monitors to allow reconfiguring of which PC has two screens.
eg. Linux 1 running linux on the left, workstation in the middle with two monitors connected with DVI cables, laptop on the right with Windows.
Each screen has an HDMI, DVI and VGA port - switchable by pressing the input button on the screen.
Each laptop is also connected to the closest monitor, using HDMI cables.
Synergy server runs on the workstation, with the mouse and keyboard connected to it.
Each laptop is a synergy client.
so all together 3 pcs, 4 screens, 2 different operating systems.

I can flip between using a single screen or dual screens with the laptops, (which of course means using only a single screen or no screens for the workstation)
in practice, I don't usually need to bother dual-screening with the linux laptop, as I tend to use it's screen to edit files on the workstation anyway, or just use it to browse documentation on the web - but I do find it useful to sometimes dual screen the windows laptop at the expense of one of the workstation screens, such as when I am doing a lot of windows development and debugging. Of course if you have 3 or 4 monitors it's easy to just insert that in the mix and not have to flip screens at all - and if you have a few more old crusty laptops or a mac or something they can very effectively become part of this setup by just adding them as additional Synergy clients.
The only downside is that if you have the laptops set up in multi monitor mode when the workstation has use of both screens, you have to move the cursor across the 'hidden' screen - but of course you can just switch back to single display mode for the laptops if you aren't going to be switching displays back and forth much, and you get used to the 'blank' spot (in the mouse's travel) pretty quick .

Of course you can also copy and paste text back and forth between all three machines, which I don't believe you could do with a traditional KVM setup.
On Linux, as soon as my laptop wakes (from sleep or hibernate) , it happily reconnects to this config, and works without having to reset anything.
Unfortunately with Windows, sometimes when it comes out of sleep, you have to stop and restart the synergy client for it to reconnect, though it seems to have fewer issues with hibernate.

You can also layer in something like VNC or remote desktop into this mix if you need to connect to additional desktops too, of course - but the main thing is you have a whole lot of screens, a whole lot of PCs and only one keyboard and mouse to rule them all.

Total cost: $0
Utility: priceless


Comment Re:Color me shocked (Score 1) 96

You assume that in a world where robots do all the work humans who do not own robots get nothing.

That assumption is correct, under a purely capitalistic society.
Unless there is also a move to a more socially oriented society, there will be a lot richer few and much poorer many, when the majority of all work is done my machines.

Comment Re:Easy, just stop procrastinating (Score 1) 125

i used to use virtual desktops - in the last millenium. Since it becamse possible to use more than one monitor, this is m preferred method of work.
At work I use an Ubuntu workstation with 2x 24" monitors for my main work area - typically with one running a 3d view of whatever i'm working on (robotics stuff) and several consoles for running processes, and my main IDE on the other monitor.
In addition I have an old laptop running ubuntu that I use to do stuff like pull up documentation and sometimes edit a script or config file (remotely on the workstation vis ssh), with a newer laptop running Windows 7 and visual studio. On occasion I flip the setup so the workstation has a single monitor and the laptop dual screens with the second monitor. All tied together using Synergy so I am only using the one keyboard and mouse across all the screens and machines, and allowing me to copy and paste from machine to machine.
Virtual desktops are an annoyance when I accidentally drag a window too low and it flips to one of the other virtual desktops - I could really do without them. If anything, I'd like another monitor or two - because by the time you have a 3d viewer, several consoles, a linux IDE, visual studio with the client app running, some documentation open and a logfile or two open, and a couple of pgadmin windows open for seeing whats going on in the database, I still run out of desktop realestate, though switching from one virtual desktop to another would not be a very happy solution.

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