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Comment Re:Treat causes, not symptoms (Score 1) 233 233

p>If you really want to "get money out of politics," you need to (as much as possible) get politics out of the economy. (Ideologues will always lobby, and that's fine, because it's the crony capitalism and pay-to-play aspects that are most objectionable.) Which, of course, is not what many reformers want to do. Until they do, they are basically advocating spreading sugar around their picnic blanket, and then complaining about all the ants.

Check out Laurence Lessig's speech "We the People, and the Republic we must reclaim" . The premise is that there is no way to even start getting politics out of the economy (or any other sensible legislation) until we remove money from politics.

Comment FINALLY! - A touchpad configuration module (Score 1) 53 53

FTA: "A touchpad configuration module has been added" This is the one configuration took that has been missing from KDE since the upgrade from 3.5. The activities based power management is also a long awaited feature (turn off powersaving / sleep / hybernate when in presentation mode). Other than that the rest appears to be eye candy. Still waiting for automatic activity settings based on locally sensed wifi.... (I still need to manually change my external monitor setting every time I get into work / home).

Comment Re:Is negotiation a skill required for the job? (Score 1) 892 892

When is the last time you negotiated prices at the grocery store?

Well since the Reddit is the one forking over the money, their proposed model doesn't match grocery shopping either: "When was the last time you got to the checkout register and refused to buy products until the merchant agreed to your pricing?"

Comment Re:Let private sector fund their own needs (Score 2) 216 216

Fuck Microsoft and fuck google. Why should they expect the public to fund a specialized skill set that makes them money.

Why should any employer want the school system to educate students to do anything useful? Heck, why are we funding education at all? By your argument, employers that want people to be able to keep books (add and subtract), or email (read and write) or treat patients (science) should be funding these things them selves. This is the same sort of BS circular logic people like to give as to why we shouldn't tax companies that depend on public infrastructure (since they just pass the costs onto customers anyway). Stop jerking your self off to Ann Rand and wake up!

Comment Re:Fraudulent herbal supplements? (Score 2) 412 412

Doesn't matter. If it says "parsley", which does nothing, then the rule is it's supposed to be parsley and nothing but parsley.

THIS is exactly why I don't understand why there's even a debate about GMO labeling. Not that I'd waste my time fighting to add it to the labels as I care more about residual chemical levels than genes from another edible plant. Nonetheless, cloned in genes that were never part of the product before == adulterated product.

Comment Re:Pierce, Buchanan, and now Obama (Score 1, Insightful) 189 189

If I were a mod, I won't know whether to mod you at Troll or Insightful: Your history lesson on Buchanan and Pierce vs Lincoln was enlightening, but you are totally overlooking the shit-stained victory that is ObamaCare - At this point there's no way the republican's can appeal it, it would cause a mass uprising now that people realize Obamacare isn't really going to kill grandma, and makes it easier to stay insured (COBRA was a ripoff) if your unemployment insurance runs out, or if you decide to become an consultant. ...and there's something to be said about a passing a law that not even the Kennedy's or Clinton's could.

Comment Re:FM reception (Score 1) 65 65

I have had the oppsite exprence:

The cheap (~$10) chineese chargers = no interference, but you really need a 3A supply if you are going to use it with GPS on and hope to keep your device at least even on power. I bought 2 because the first one didn't use a micro usb input which meant I had to have an extra cable if I wanted to directly connect for a faster charge.

The expensive OWL charger ($50 and also not mini or micro usb) which I got for my dad as a present totally messes up the radio and only comes with a 1A charger so I'm guessing it can't keep up (never used it long enough to find out due to the radio interference and aux in hiss it generated). I contacted OWL about a fix or refund, but have yet to receive a response.

Comment Re: Clearly (Score 2) 391 391

It costs a couple of bucks to produce a headphone, and the bulk of the research into sound quality was finished decades ago, yet people still spend 300-5000 on high end headphones that don't sound much better than a 50 dollar pair.

WRONG: I've never heard a $50 pair of head phones that are anywhere as accurate as the Etymotic er6i which had an MSRP of $99. Unfortunately, I broke mine and Etymotic discontinued production. I found their newer offerings are to uncomfortable for extended use, so I switched to the Shure SE215-K, which also has an MSRP of $99. The SE215-Ks sound almost as good, but are far more durable, and like the ER-6is, no $50 headphone compares.

Comment Re:which are not 'ai' (Score 1) 455 455

That's because Alva Noe has no clue about what it's talking about. I have programmed and used biology much like we do a computer, and just because we prefer our computers not use basiean inference to give us answers to problems, which is arguably the way that we think, doesn't restrict us from programming them that way.

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