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Comment: Re:Crashed the Uni Mainframe Once (Score 1) 369 369

LOL. When I started our Uni mainframe was, umm, not very secure (ICL 1906 with GEORGE 4, yay.) We crashed that thing every few weeks. Whenever you did something naughty and the terminal displayed a flashing status at the bottom saying it was waiting for a reply it was time to run from the terminal room because two minutes later one of the operators would come in and look who sat at terminal number X.

Comment: Re:Seems he has more of a clue (Score 1) 703 703

All of those resources will last for an infinite amount of time because at some point they'll be too dilute, hence costly, to extract. That metric is meaningless.

What matters is what flow rate you can get out at a cost that's acceptable to the economy, and by that measure we're running out of oil and have so for a couple of years, since we're now scraping the bottle of the barrel with tight oil and tar sand. Now that tight oil is peaking it's probably a matter of a few years until we reach peak total liquids. But by then the statistics will probably lump other fossil fuels in with liquid hydrocarbons so the graph doesn't look lousy, just as they did when they lumped various type of nonconventional oil, NGL and biofuels in with crude and called it all "oil." With the old style of EIA/IEA reporting the peak would be too obvious.

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