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Comment: Re:GLobal warming scien is simple (Score 3, Informative) 547

The carbon increase in the atmosphere can a) be compared with the amount of fossil fuels burned and b) has a different isotope isotope composition because 14C has only a few thousand year half life so fossil carbon is practically devoid of 14C. Not speculative at all, falsifiable and tested.

Comment: Re:Wait.. (Score 1) 411

by rrohbeck (#47071929) Attached to: US Officials Cut Estimate of Recoverable Monterey Shale Oil By 96%

You may want to look at numbers - how long it takes to build nukes, how much that needs in terms of money/resources, availability of uranium, amount of fossil fuel needed to mine uranium etc.
I didn't claim that it can't fix anything but it won't save the economy when fossil fuel depletion hits in earnest.

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