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Comment: He's still right in pointing it out (Score -1, Troll) 241

by viablos (#35537034) Attached to: Who's Behind the Google-Linux License Ruckus?
So what if it's an ex-Microsoft hand pointing it out? He still seems to be correct.. Even if he would have something in mind when pointing it out, it doesn't change the fact.

It seems Android is going through lots of different violations. App developers violate GPL, Google violates licenses itself, malware is spreading via app market and the devices are still locked (and android should be open) and hardware and resolution and software that works on specific devices changes dramatically. It looks like iPhone and Windows Phone 7 are more mature and professional.

Comment: Re:Vote by SMS? (Score 0, Troll) 167

by viablos (#35536518) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Setting Up Wireless Voting For Students?
Why use any commercial solution at all? You're in a school after all. Make your students create simple buttons on your electrics class. You can just transfer the clicks via wire. Then make your programming class code the back-end system for a computer. Microsoft offers Visual Studio Express to students for free and you can easily get a cheap license to your school by calling Microsoft's sales team. At the same time your students will get real world experience and get to know the best programming tools used in the industry.

Comment: USA #1 (Score 2, Informative) 513

by viablos (#35531578) Attached to: AT&T Cracking Down On Unofficial iPhone Tethering
Do Americans know that no one else in the world does this? Not in Europe, not in Asia. They sell you the service and you use it how you want.

But this is Apple's fault too. If you go with Windows phones you can tether how you want, as they only care about iPhone users and can't detect Windows traffic from other Windows traffic.

Comment: Microsoft helps the internet (Score 4, Insightful) 302

by viablos (#35528524) Attached to: Microsoft Conducts Massive Botnet Takedown Action
I think this shows that Microsoft cares about the internet. It's not really Microsoft's problem, but they still help to solve it. Fact is, you cannot change stupid people and they will get their computers infected no matter what. Windows 7 is just as secure as Mac OSX or Linux, but it's the users what is the problem. Good job Microsoft, for taking care of the internet.

Comment: Re:MySQL went wrong direction long time ago (Score 0) 146

by viablos (#35522752) Attached to: Drizzle Hits General Availability
Master and slaves db setup is much better and easier with MySQL. That's why Postgres isn't ready for entreprise databases. If you're small to medium size business you basically have to use MySQL, Oracle or proprietary enterprise solutions from Microsoft. Large companies like Facebook and Google develop their own database softwares. Postgres is nice, but it's for hobbyist mostly. It just doesn't scale.

Comment: MySQL went wrong direction long time ago (Score -1, Offtopic) 146

by viablos (#35522050) Attached to: Drizzle Hits General Availability
Generally I would support open source projects, but it's time to move on from MySQL. The project took wrong direction many years ago. If you go with Oracle, go with the old enterprise database solutions. If you don't exactly care about the license, go with Microsoft Access. They both are way better than MySQL and dealing with its problems.

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