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Comment: Especially the Kindle Fire (Score 1) 168

by orgelspieler (#48661637) Attached to: Study: Light-Emitting Screens Before Bedtime Disrupt Sleep
We won a Fire in a raffle, so I put the next book of a series I've been reading on it. It works fine during the day and on the can, but it's awful right before bed. Even on its lowest brightness setting, it feels like staring into the sun (probably why it chews through battery so fast). Anybody know how to get Kindle books on an old Sony e-reader? Yay LCD!

Comment: Re:Sure... (Score 2) 338

Except my medical insurance is provided by my company, so all of my insurance claims are filed here at work via email. Employees have access to a benefit network that includes divorce/marriage/psych/legal counseling. Registration for these services goes through our local servers before getting to the service provider. so much for your sage advice.

Comment: Re:Annnd..... (Score 1) 1051

by vandon (#48600783) Attached to: Time To Remove 'Philosophical' Exemption From Vaccine Requirements?

You seem to forget that it's all the true-blue liberal "smrat" people and areas who are the real anti-vaxxers.
We red-necks get our free guvmunt medicines.


Broken down by vaccine, the states with the best MMR vaccine rates were:
1. Mississippi (99.9%);
2. Maryland (98.2%);
3. South Dakota (97.9%);
4. Texas (97.5%); and
5. Wyoming (97.5%).

Blue California was well behind at 92.7%
Summary from a CDC study linked:
Unvaccinated children tended to be white, to have a mother who was married and had a college degree, to live in a household with an annual income exceeding 75,000 dollars, and to have parents who expressed concerns regarding the safety of vaccines and indicated that medical doctors have little influence over vaccination decisions for their children.

In other words, Whole Foods, organic, homeopathic liberals.

Comment: Re:Have Both (Score 1) 567

by orgelspieler (#48574177) Attached to: The Case For Flipping Your Monitor From Landscape to Portrait
Here I was thinking I was the only guy with that setup. Documents on one screen spreadsheets on the other. Pretty useful. I was surprised to find out that ClearType subpixel rendering still tries to subpixel in the horizontal on the portrait screen. But it won't matter pretty soon, Microsoft seems to be going back to gray-scale anti-aliasing anyway (boo-hiss).

Comment: Re:"Expected" to release methane (Score 1) 329

by orgelspieler (#48565515) Attached to: Warmer Pacific Ocean Could Release Millions of Tons of Methane

the only unknown is when, but prediction doesnt carry a "when", only a statement that it will occur.

Herein lies the crux of the problem. If the when is "during my lifetime," then I might give a shit. Otherwise, I'll crank the A/C all the way down to 60, then drive my H2 to watch a NASCAR race. Hell, I might even burn a few science textbooks while I'm there; I hear it's a fun way to release some extra carbon.


Firefox 34 Arrives With Video Chat, Yahoo Search As Default 237

Posted by Soulskill
from the onward-and-upward dept.
An anonymous reader writes: Mozilla today launched Firefox 34 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. Major additions to the browser include a built-in video chat feature, a revamped search bar, and tab mirroring from Android to Chromecast. This release also makes Yahoo Search the default in North America, in place of Google. Full changelogs: desktop and Android."

Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina Considering US Presidential Run 433

Posted by Soulskill
from the good-luck-with-that dept.
McGruber writes: Fired HP CEO and failed Republican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina is "actively exploring a 2016 presidential run." Fiorina has been "talking privately with potential donors, recruiting campaign staffers, courting grass-roots activists in early caucus and primary states, and planning trips to Iowa and New Hampshire starting next week."

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