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Comment Re: Should be another entry... (Score 0) 131

Really? because the tens of thousands of people who evacuated their flooded homes might disagree with you. Just because the eye did not pass over an area doesn't mean they didn't see hurricane or tropical storm force winds. Specifically, NO did see hurricane strength winds. Regarding the flooding: the levees were designed to withstand storm surge from a cat 3 storm. People who think they should have made it withstand a category 5 need to understand that there is no upper limit to category 5, so there is no way to design to that criteria. In some places, the water was springing up from the ground without even breaching the levee. While I'm sure you suffered a great loss from the storm, and you probably feel slighted that people only focus on the New Orleans part of the tragedy, please do not trivialize the suffering of the people in New Orleans by saying the storm didn't hit them. It hit them and hit them hard.

Comment remember it well (Score 3, Interesting) 131

I remember all the people evacuating Houston for no good reason. The freeway right by my house was completely backed up total parking lot. Look, if you live 100 miles from the coast just hunker down!! Nevertheless, a few of us drove to the service road and brought water to people who were stranded on the highway. Too damn hot.

One of my first tasks at my new job was to go to our parent company's location after Rita (a month or so later) and help them clean up. There were so many people still displaced from Katrina it was hard to find a place to stay. But we found an old trailer that wasn't being used (except by a couple of rats) and stayed there during the cleanup effort. The whole plant had been under 8 feet of water. There were shrimp growing in the equipment, and a nice layer of slime at the high water mark. Had to rinse and clean hundreds of contactors, switches, controllers, bake some motor windings, etc. Luckily we weren't there when the aluminum dust collector was underwater. That was scary (aluminum dust plus water equals boom). At least we had running water.

Comment Re:dump trump (Score 1) 686

And why on earth are you saying pro-green energy is anti-science?

I think the argument here is that anti-nuclear power, not pro-green, is anti-science. I consider pro-nuclear to be pro-green, but somehow that sentiment is not very popular. major politicians from the democrats hold strong anti-science views...

If you broaden science to include the social sciences, Hillary Clinton holds a few anti-science views. She thinks (or thought back in 2006) that video game violence is harmful and causes actual violence, and should be banned therefor. There are no studies supporting that, and in fact there are several that imply the opposite.

Comment Re:Next Thing You Know... (Score 2) 418

Clearly those two quitters were not familiar with this parable. If you are getting a fair wage for your work, STFU. Just because somebody working less hard is getting more than a fair wage doesn't give you the right to complain about what you thought was a fair wage beforehand. I don't know why people seem to think it's unfair to get what they agreed to. It's like when my company stopped giving bonuses. A lot of people were angry, even though there was no official bonus policy, and it was never brought up during the hiring process. To me, I was just getting the wage I had agreed upon. Nothing unfair about that.

I think back when everybody haggled for a price at the general store, this sort of thing would have seemed plain silly. People didn't expect to pay the same amount for the same stuff. Why would they expect to get paid the same amount for the same work? Getting paid the same amount for different work wouldn't seem strange either. Hell, look at most hourly labor today. A lot of them work harder than most pencil pushers, yet they get paid less.

As a manger, I would love having the permission and budget to give my electrician and laborer the same pay as my engineer. As long as the engineer didn't expect a sudden bump in pay because of it. Due to the perverse way my company handles raises, by having two people getting paid more than they are worth, I actually am allotted MORE money for raises in the future, since it's based on a percentage of the total. So it actually works to the engineer's benefit in the long run.

Comment Re:11 rear enders (Score 2) 549

The car behind you speeds up, overtakes you, fills up the gap and awaits next opportunity to overtake the car that previously was in front of you. Meanwhile, you slip back to keep your distance, only to have the procedure repeat it self.

The process you are talking about happens to me all the time. Don't really see what the issue is. Let them rear-end somebody if they want to. Getting overtaken by a few people in a hurry never cost me any real time. In fact, I frequently see the overtakers at the same stop light I'm at once we both get off the freeway.

Comment Re:11 rear enders (Score 1) 549

Well said! I think it's a shame they call things "accidents" when it's something like running a red light or speeding. That's just bad driving. But something like falling debris or frolicking wildlife? Pretty fair to call that an accident. In all of the cases I can think of, I would rather have a Google car respond than my own feeble driving abilities. Not to mention, they have superior threat detection.

Comment Re:I believe it was Mark Twain who said... (Score 1) 339

Unfortunately, this is not actually the case. Memories are fallible. You have to remember what you did or said, or what opinions you had at the time. Numerous studies have shown that it is trivial to make people remember details in a different way than what really occurred. How many people have heard stories from their childhood so often that they can't remember what is actual memory, and what is reconstructed from the story? I have a hard time remembering which of my siblings did stuff, or which of my friends told me a story. Hell, I've even forgotten an entire day (no drugs involved, honest).

Once I went on a trip with some friends and was excessively tired due to long work schedules. We had a great time hanging out at the lake and jet-skiing. A few years later, I went jet-skiing with the same friends. They were confused when I said I had never been jet-skiing before, and I had no idea how to operate the thing. They said, not only had I been jet-skiing, but that I was quite good at it. To this day, I have no recollection of the first outing. But I accept it as the truth, because they all said it happened. This was in the days before ubiquitous cell phones and digital cameras, and nobody would have brought a camera jet-skiing. So it's their word against mine, and I have to side with them.

Comment Re:Dramatic much? (Score 1) 339

I say not paying property tax can result in death because it reduces the cash flow to schools, thus reducing the quality of education, thus reducing the number of well-educated doctors, thus reducing people's access to quality healthcare, leading to worse health outcomes, including death. See! That was easy!

Comment Re:And my wife Morgan Fairchild... (Score 2) 339

There have been studies showing that humans are not alone, when it comes to the fine art of deception. Certain birds, mammals, and even fish have been known to use some form of deception to improve their situation. One of my favorites is the cuttlefish, which can show flashy male mating patterns on one side of the body, but leave the other side (facing potential competitors) dull and uninteresting.

As far as humans go, I imagine it's part learned and part innate. I have a four-year-old who lies all the time about stupid things that don't carry a negative consequence. Yet she's perfectly honest when I ask her whether she colored on her wall again.

Comment Re:Welcome! (Score 2) 1083

I have read the book. What are you trying to imply? Because if it's a dig against one group or another, I don't understand it.

Of all the futures in all the dystopian novels I've read, Brave New World would be the one I would want to live in most. Unless you consider the Shrodinger's Cat Trilogy to be dystopian, because then I choose the one where John Wayne is president of Hell (Alabama).

Comment Re:...meth (Score 1) 168

Pretty much nothing stops meth head copper thieves.

I don't know about that. 480 volts of AC seems to do the trick around here. We came in one day to find one of our breakers tripped. Go out to check the line, and phase A and B cables got cut. The ground cable was about halfway cut, and the bolt cutters were still laying on the ground. Idiots were right next to the disconnect switch, but weren't sober enough to know to shut it off. Over by the fence was a hand truck, and it looked like something roughly human-sized had been pushed over the barbed wire fence. Of course they were back a few months later... but they never messed with that one line again.

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