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Comment: Re:Good for the goose, good for the gander (Score 1) 77

by orgelspieler (#49074555) Attached to: Company Promises Positive Yelp Reviews For a Price; Yelp Sues
You'll run afoul of the "but.. but.. freeeee market!!" crowd. They don't understand that sometimes the way "the market" (us, consumers, citizens) deals with shitty companies is by telling "the government" (still us, voters, citizens) to impose regulations, especially suggestions like yours. These are things that a well-functioning free market would need to properly educate the consumers. Not that we'd make the right choices anyway, but at least we wouldn't have anybody to blame but ourselves. You might also want to look up TANSTAGI.

Comment: Re:Ten times stronger? (Score 3, Informative) 106

by orgelspieler (#49074043) Attached to: Nanotech Makes Steel 10x Stronger

As a corrosion coatings engineer, I can tell you that this already happens. It's the whole reason I have a job. You see those green pipes going down the road on a flatbed truck? That's fusion bonded epoxy (powder coating) on plain jane steel pipes. There are several places that FBE coat their rebar before putting it in concrete structures, like you suggested. Combine a good corrosion coating with some healthy cathodic protection, and you can tremendously increase the lifespan of your infrastructure.

However, there are a lot of snake oil salesmen that try to claim "nano" coatings, when really their just dipping the steel in silane or electroplating it or any number of things that look fancy. They probably do help corrosion, but they are no more "nano" than bailing wire and bubble gum. Unfortunately for them, I'm friends with a PhD in advanced material sciences, and it's pretty easy for her to sift through the BS.

Comment: Re:Volume matters. (Score 2) 330

by orgelspieler (#49039695) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Affordable Large HD/UHD/4K "Stupid" Screens?

If you need to connect to a media server on your LAN (over a cable or wireless), make sure your router won't allow any packets between the TV and the internet.

I know! We could connect it using one of those $10,000 directional audio ethernet cables. It won't allow packets from the TV to the internet, just the other way around.

Comment: Re:Who are you? (Score 1) 103

by orgelspieler (#49019527) Attached to: Bipartisan Bill Would Mandate Warrant To Search Emails
Yeah, I know his arguments just fine. The difference the good doctor seems to willfully ignore is that while both are "public health issues," they are completely different. With one, you are asking people not to put something into their body because it might harm them. With the other, you are asking people to put something into their body because if they don't, other people will be harmed. As for whether he has any influence, I was just picking a well-known anti-federal-anything politician. I wasn't implying he's the standard bearer or anything, any more than I was implying that he likes to rape puppies. Which he doesn't. Or at least I assume he doesn't. =P

Comment: Re:Who are you? (Score 1) 103

by orgelspieler (#49000077) Attached to: Bipartisan Bill Would Mandate Warrant To Search Emails

Finally, the far right has consistently and falsely argued that the media is against them. That is bull and always has been. The honest truth is the media is no different today than it has ever been - it tries to be impartial but fails .

Reading about the press's role in the rise of fascism in 1930's Europe is truly frightening. Looking at American newspapers from that era is equally jarring. Some editors were obviously so afraid of Communism (which they conflated with the labor movement) that they were willing to openly support Mussolini and Franco. Anybody who knows anything about the history of the press should scoff (or be worried) anytime Republicans and Fox News talks about the Liberal Media.

Comment: Re:Who are you? (Score 1) 103

by orgelspieler (#48999915) Attached to: Bipartisan Bill Would Mandate Warrant To Search Emails
My problem with the Oberton Window, and indeed with the right/left dichotomy, is that not everybody agrees on what is more or less freedom. Take the California measles outbreak. Let's say you have a kid with cancer, so they can't take the vaccine. Well, as long as everybody else in your school has it, you have the freedom to send your kid to school. What about EEOC? Some people think companies should have the freedom not to hire people of certain religions or ethnic groups. Others think you should have the freedom to work wherever you are qualified, regardless of race or creed. How about the right to privacy? Should you have the freedom to set up a camera constantly trained at your neighbor's bedroom window? What if I think I should have the freedom to walk around my house naked without worrying about pervy neighbors posting pics to the net. What about sound ordinances? Truth in advertising? Or getting back to the email topic, what about the freedom to search your gmail so that you can be advertised to? Should ISPs have the right to give information to the government without a warrant? In many of these cases, there is no more/less freedom. Only differences in whose freedom gets priority.

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