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Comment Re:Steam Link (Score 1) 151 151

"For gaming with decent graphics at a decent (i.e. 30+) framerate, yes, it's gonna put out a lot of heat. You're looking at a 980 ti or Fury X to handle 4k"

Nope. Currently on a GeForce GTX260 Core216. 4K works juuuust fine. All the Doom, Quake3 (with forced resolution and widescreen mod) Half-Life, Binding of Isaac, Nation Red, Terraria, etc. all that runs at 4K pretty damned well. Since AAA gaming has gotten so shit that people are just bothering with "Reaction" pics and videos instead of actually playing the game to review, I really don't need to do the latest and greatest hardware since the latest and greatest gaming is shit and does not interest me.

On an overclocked E7500 (to E7800 speeds) I'm only using a 250W PSU. *yawn*

Comment Re:Steam Link (Score 1, Informative) 151 151

"A PC that drives 4k is going to be hot"

Are you that ignorant of current processor and GPU technology? I've been driving 2048x1536 (that would be 3K to you) on my desktop well over 15 years with Matrox. Qualcomm has Snapdragon, meant for MOBILE PHONES, driving 4K. For gaming, it ain't getting hot unless you do something STUPID like pick some power-hungry GPU. For video, even without acceleration from the GPU, a shit-tier i3 can handle 4K video. I was doing 1080p video on a Geforce 2 and Pentium 4 back when..... Naruto Shippuuden first came out and DB started doing 1080p encodes.

Comment Re:WRONG (Score 1) 112 112

"I don't know what kind of crack you're on but the lasers I used would put out between 2 and 4 watts with over 20 lines across the entire visible spectrum." - Uhhh, what? I'm certainly not counting 20+ lines there.

Also, a measly 4 watts? I've got nearly double that in my pocket laser.

Comment Re:Summary is inaccurate (Score 3, Informative) 112 112

Not necessarily. While these emitters are tunable, I doubt the red is getting down to 700nm, or the blue going into the 400-410nm violet range. Most RGB emitters, even tunable are peak 630nm red and 450-460nm blue. So this wouldn't cover the entire visible colorspace very accurately when it came to deeper reds and violets.

Comment WRONG (Score 5, Informative) 112 112

This is not the first WLL. Those have been available for at least half a decade.

This is the first SOLID STATE WLL.

What's unique is that they figured out a way to grow three different crystals next to each other on the same substrate without having fatal flaws.

Holy fuck can the editors even be bothered to fact-check?

Oh, yea, what editors?

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