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Comment Re:What kind of dumbass company... (Score 1) 115

Port it? are you really that completely clueless?

You simply fucking compile it with the same compiler flags you used for the first version. Compiling android 5.1 for a 4.4.4 phone is absolutely trivial.

And how about just release the god-damn bootloader lock so if people want to do it themselves on out of warranty hardware, they can. HTC and Samsung HATE their customers by locking the bootloader down so hard it's insane. Latest samsung phones are deemed to never EVER be able to run a full cyanogenmod.

Comment Re:will they "cost no more to" buy? (Score 2) 170

Both. When the batteries are full I pump excess back to the grid.

I still have another 10 years on my batteries (5 years old, batteries last 15 years typically in properly designed solar), so not a problem. The solar panels have another 25 years before replacement.

Comment Re:Call for mass-forking of Android (Score 1) 123

I so wish that the next version of android that google tells carriers to fuck off.
I am so done with the baked in crap from HTC/Samsung/etc and the deviation from pure android get's so bad that some like HTC confuses some people.

New version require it to be pure with NO apps baked in and permanent or they cant advertise or use the name "android" in any way. It will force them all overnight to stop it. They also need to force them to push out updates 15 days after google does or lose the rights across all products.

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