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by user32.ExitWindowsEx (#46489411) Attached to: Why San Francisco Is the New Renaissance Florence

I mean, think about it; other than the 1950s to 1960s in America, when has a far more progressive tax policy ever been correlated with broad-based entrepreneurship, small business expansion, and a nation rising to superpower?

We had a boom in the 50s *in spite of* our tax policies because the rest of the world was either piles of rubble or the "Red Menace".

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by user32.ExitWindowsEx (#42482323) Attached to: Legislators: 'Spaceport America Could Become a Ghost Town'

What if you *didn't* want to off yourself in the first place? What if the suppliers were negligent and caused a crash yet it had been represented to the passengers that everything was fine? If limited liability like this passes, that is precisely what could (I would argue will) happen.

Exactly. Shit happens. If I get blown up I'm *DEAD*. If I want my heirs to have money after I die then I'll take out appropriate life insurance, not ask them to try to extract it from companies.

If fraud or fraudulent activity happens in the supply chain then that should be treated as a *CRIME*, which is an issue for the state, not a name-on-side-of-city-bus law firm (motto: "You've got injuries...we've got boat payments.")

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