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Comment: Re:It would be less of an issue (Score 1) 250

by hampton2600 (#47840593) Attached to: IT Job Hiring Slumps
Umm... you don't seem to understand what an H1B is. It's actually a very expensive employee. You can't pay less than $80k to an H1B, and usually I've had to pay $120k+. Like, it's not cheaper labor. It's usually smarter labor and all the talented, flexible, non-sociopathic programmers are currently employed.

Comment: Re:Don't show all that 'featured article' crap (Score 1) 70

by hampton2600 (#28117943) Attached to: Wikipedia Launches a New Mobile Interface, Seeks Help
Alright, so there is no "unlimited" data plan. You are right. What I meant to say is that we are assuming a reasonable data plan for users of high end devices. Personally, I'd say your comments have much more in common with the '640k' arguement, because mobile technology and bandwidth are moving fast... and we are attempting to build something to last more than a few years. At least with our personal mobile use, we don't worry too much about bandwidth, just load speed. And yes, we have no support for IE and because Microsoft has yet to respond to our requests for aid, the ball is in their court.

+ - Wikipedia Launches A New Mobile Interface->

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hampton2600 writes: "The Wikimedia Foundation is proud to present our new Mobile site optimized for modern high-end phones. The interface is focused on being clean and easy to read on your mobile device. We currently officially support reading on the iPhone and Android phones. The new gateway is written entirely in Ruby (using the Merb framework) and the Git repository can be found here: http://github.com/hcatlin/wikimedia-mobile/tree/master . We are looking for open source help with supporting other phone types and translations into new languages. Currently 8 languages are supported, but we'd like to support all languages Wikipedia supports. This is an active project and we are looking for new features and etc from the community."
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