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Comment Re:perforce (Score 1) 343 343

With an Office 365 subscription that start at I think $8/mo per person you get SharePoint, Lynch, Office (always the latest version), Exchange, OneDrive and more. So you can I'm not the biggest proponent due to privacy and storing things in MS's cloud, but a lot of companies that are on it really like it and it's relatively easy to use. It's designed to do exactly what OP is asking and works anywhere not just in the Office. Make sure, however, to read the privacy and third party access docs. They are HIPAA/HITECH compliant and will provide a partner agreement for it.

Comment Re: Dupe (Score 1) 840 840

The "Super" Walmart by my house has a Walmart-branded oil change and tire place attached to it. I think they do brakes too. You can shop while they do the work on your car (good to have an appointment).

Aside from a Walmart grocery and drug store, they also have a pizza place, sub shop, optometrist, health clinic, barber shop, and maybe something I'm forgetting. It's good and bad as they've driven other places out of our small town.

Comment Re:The access is not as dire as you would imagi (Score 3, Informative) 115 115

All true, but there is more to the story. (I'm Cuban by the way and half my family is still there). In much of the country in areas outside of Havana people don't have much and the homes are run down to say the least. They don't even have phones, or much food for that matter. It will take a long time to change that.

Comment YouthDigital (Score 1) 121 121

My 10-year old son is hooked on Minecraft. We signed up at for their games programming class for kids. Basically, interactive ways to learn Java and make fun modules for Minecraft and more. They have other stuff including some things oriented more at girls. I have three younger girls so we haven't started yet.

My son and I are just getting started and doing some things on Kahn Academy too that are fun and we get to spend time together. we're also in a Lego league where we get to use the visual programming software to program Lego's EV3 to do things. It's interesting as the kids started making it do stuff within minutes of using the software.

Comment UltraBooks are Better (Score 1) 101 101

I have a Surface 2 that I tried using for a bit (got it from work) and it sucks, badly. The mouse design is horrible, you can barely see it. A coworker has been testing the 3 Pro for a while as a desktop replacement with the ability to quickly take the tablet/laptop thing and go on the road. He likes it, but he's got a full set up, docking station, etc.

I've had the Dell XPS 12 for almost two years and LOVE it for taking it to meetings and customers at work. Taking notes with OneNote is so easy and the touch screen make it really nice to use. I rarely if ever use the tablet feature. A nice thing about it vs. my iPad is that I can put it on my lap while on the couch at home and browse the web with touch with ONE HAND. iPad requires a stand or two hands and it's just uncomfortable for me.

A few months ago I got just an UltraBook with a 15 inch screen so I could program and work on servers better. It's a Dell Precision M3800 meant to compete with a MacBook but it was Windows 8.1 and touch. It's the best device I've ever had, hands down. Light, beautiful in design and screen, great mouse, touch works great. It's not trying to be a tablet/hybrid thing. It's just a great UltraBook. Don't get me wrong, I love my iDevices too (we have lots of them at home), but for work UltraBooks rock.

Comment Some BMWs (Score 1) 195 195

Spend some time on there are a ton of BMW enthusiasts and there are all sorts of ways you can hack into the cars' various electronic systems and change things. For example, mirrors fold in automatically when you lock the doors. Windows roll up and moon roof closes at push of a remote button, turning on cameras, feeding video to your GPS or HUD display (from your cameras or another sources), change the cluster display's colors, info, etc., and lots of other things. Mine already has a digital display (called the "sports" display) that shows most of what you're talking about. You can also put the vehicle in different modes (Eco, comfort +, comfort, sports, sports +, and M) that changes both the feel of the vehicle and the displays. For example, sport mode changes the HUD and cluster displays to digital readouts, in comfort and below they are analog displays (digital but the images are of a needle speedometer and tachometer, etc.). Of all the cards I've had this one is the funnest and most hackable.

Comment Re:It's the OS, Stupid (Score 1) 252 252

Sorry to hear man. The mouse pad is multi-touch and has gestures. I turn most of them off as pinch/zoom works like crap on it. But scrolling with two fingers and two finger context menu work really nicely for me. I haven't run Linux on it yet. On Windows Firefox scrolling works great.

I'm looking forward to Windows 10 or whatever the heck they're going to call it to put on this thing. It took a little while to grow on me but it's now my favorite device for real work. Although, I'm getting an iPhone 6 soon so we'll see if that remains true :) Good luck!

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