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Comment Re:record + email (Score 2) 115

OP could create a YouTube channel. If you make the videos private (i.e. only your login to YouTube can see them) and then have your kids use the same login you'll be the only ones that can see the videos. You can also publish the video but make them "unlisted" which anyone could technically find but they'd need to figure out the link.

Submission + - Adblock Plus 1.0 for iOS Released (

unencode200x writes: Adblock for iOS was finally approved by Apple and released to the App Store today. This in on the heels of the recent and much-discussed controversy with the first ad blocker in the App Store. Will Adblock Plus face new problems now that the web advertising industry, including Google, is working to circumvent ad blockers especially on mobile?

Comment When the Chinese Announce They're Going (Score 1) 684

The US will go to Mars when the Chinese or some other country decides to go. Personally, I think it would be a huge leap for our civilization to step foot on another planet. It opens the Universe to us, inspires our children, creates new technologies, new industries, jobs, brings advanced manufacturing to the US, and so much more. It's not just "a cost."

Comment Mobile Ads (Score 4, Informative) 46

The mobile ads are really bad on iPhone. Scrolling through the main page results in an accidental click even with my average sized fingers. The box at the bottom of the screen (with the tiny little "Hide" tab) is almost impossible to get rid of and covers content.

It's so bad I rarely read on mobile anymore even though I want to (I've read /. since 2000 at least and I only read three sites). I've started reading other sites. Or I've looked for an ad-blocking browser for iPhone. Please take this point into consideration.

These aren't good for your consumers or for the people advertising as they're paying for an accidental click. Does a paid account eliminate this?

Comment Re:Tough environments (Score 1) 168

Wow, that would be scary.

I remember one time about 10 years ago we got a handful of new HP servers in and were going through the burn-in process. Quite literally, apparently, as one of them had a RAID controller who's capacitors exploded quite violently setting off fire alarms and making us run for fire extinguishers when when we fired it up. (pun intended..).

Comment Re:Just starting now? (Score 1) 373

Note that I do not have a pilot's license but I have maybe 550 flights in the last couple years and deal with aircraft (mostly smaller turbines) a lot. Yes, you don't want to be heavy over the tail especially. In a worst case it could cause a stall. You want weight distributed as evenly as possible and, if you have to choose, be heaviest around the wings on most aircraft.

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