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Comment Re:Talk about creating a demand (Score 2) 334

Nuclear is expensive and needs a huge amount of public subsidy. Private industry doesn't seem to have found a way of doing it cost effectively. People also seem to have problems with it being a global solution to power needs, given all the jumping up and down about countries like Iran getting into nuclear power. Then there's handling of waste and water consumption, so it's hardly problem free.

Comment Re:This is stupid (Score 1) 109

The kid in the parallel universe was still dying, it's just that his character had worked out how to save him whereas the father in the parallel universe had been distracted just as he was about to hit on the solution.

I don't think playing eccentric characters says anything about the psyche of John Noble, probably more to do with casting agents etc. who need to fill the role of a crackpot.

Comment Great news! (Score 1) 101

I've always found the rootkit story an interesting one. There are a large number of third party DRM systems that have been in use on Windows over the years. This was just another one of them. Sure this one had some nasty side affects, but so do a lot of DRM systems that Windows has supported. As far as I'm aware this DRM did nothing on any other system. So why is Windows given a free pass on this one? It was designed to allow auto-install of software from CDs that were placed in the drive. Designed to be a DRM friendly system. So you you boycott Windows as well?

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