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by unami (#47805999) Attached to: Power Grids: The Huge Battery Market You Never Knew Existed
because a moderately high iq (say around 120) unfornunately doesn't make you socially competent - there are plenty of assholes around that range. i'd argue that if you were smart enough - say 140 or above - you'd see the futility of being a total dick. but you'd probably have no energy problems anyways if you gas anybody below that. also, tv would be better.

Comment: what is this, a samsung advert? (Score 3, Insightful) 201

obviously, under ideal conditions for the samsung (brightly lit, mounted to a tripod, canon lens stopped down, canon footage graded in post to match the overly sharp look & oversaturated colors of the galaxy), they will produce similar videos. but that's the one exception, not the rule.

Comment: imho give away their virtual console library for f (Score 1) 559

by unami (#46023059) Attached to: How Can Nintendo Recover?
they already got the software - i'd shell out 300 for the wiiU in a heartbeat if i'd get a huge library of vintage games for free. and then get talking to third party devolopers about downloadable software - wiiU and 3ds don't need multimillion $ AAA titles where they can't compete in terms of hardware with ps4/xboxo/pc anyway. but they good enough to compete with smartphines & tablets, they even got the physical controller as an advantage (sure you can buy a clunky controller for your ipod - but it's probably not widely supported, and drives the cost far beyond a dedicated gaming device like the 3ds - as lomg as you don't take cheaper software from e app store i to account)

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I hated that point as well. especially as you more or less know from the beginning that clooney has to die and then this obviously necessary plot point is executed with blatant violation of the same physics that are plot devices for the rest of the movie. why couldn't clooney&bullock at least rotate around the iss tethered by elastic cables?

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