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Comment: Re: Compelling? (Score 1) 244

by unami (#49729753) Attached to: Why Apple Ditched Its Plan To Build a Television
a UI that doesn't suck would have been enough for me. on the other hand - compared to the time, you're passively watching tv, interacting with the UI is negligible - i can tolerate the slow, cubersome UI of my sony-tv as long as picture-quality is o.k. and i won't have to pay a premium price i'd likely have to pay for an apple TV-Set.

Comment: Re: Good movie? (Score 1) 776

it's exactly that - the movie looks like they shot as much action as possible and worried about story when editing. still, it is visually stunning and had great practical effects - this is a "leave your brain at the counter" movie that doesn't disappoint and doesn't insult your intelligence by trying and failing to present a "story". also, it's more or less made for adults - hardly any nudeness, but at least some gore. so, no winter soldier, pacific rim or guardians of the galaxy - just simple, stupid action for a male audience over ten.

Comment: hotmail was the worst (Score 1) 461

by unami (#49689131) Attached to: Does Using an AOL Email Address Suggest You're a Tech Dinosaur?
i don't know... in ~2004 you knew, if someone had a hotmail account, he/she was pretty much tech-illiterate. and you couldn't send them any attachments, because hotmail attachments were limited to .5 megabytes (a ridiculously low limit, even at the time). at least those days are gone. if you were a real dinosaur, your e-mail address was more likely to read something like

Comment: Re: Contradiction in article summary (Score 1) 360

by unami (#49384825) Attached to: Why More 'Star Wars' Actors Don't Become Stars
it's not a contradiction, because those actors can also be marketed for commercials, convention/tv appearances, speeches, computer games, voice acting.... even if they don't get any more significant movie roles ever, they can still make a living (and thus have enhanced their marketability) with their star wars fame.

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