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Comment: Re: In Finland (Score 1) 516

by unami (#48466065) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Is the Power Grid So Crummy In So Many Places?
it's probably also because here in europe, electicity networks are often state owned (or at least have been installed by the state prior to some privatization-waves over the last 20 years). the last time i can remember a short power outage here in rural austria must have been in the 90ies. there have been some major outages in some other areas, but they are few and far between (and usually mended within minutes to a few hours).

Comment: this is overengineerimg par excellence. (Score 1) 82

by unami (#48463089) Attached to: A Toolbox That Helps Keep You From Losing Tools (Video)
i'd guess, most "lost tools" end up in a co-workers toolbox anyway, so those $ 35.000 are probably exaggerated. then it's more about organizing and making inventory once a year. and if it's about theft - put rfid-tags into the tools, and cover the exits with scanners. that's cheaper and less prone to fail than lots of expensive toolboxes with embedded computers (btw. - i'd steal the toolbox as a whole, if they were that nerdy)

Comment: sleeping babies (Score 1) 321

by unami (#48337855) Attached to: Website Peeps Into 73,000 Unsecured Security Cameras Via Default Passwords
"Particularly alarming was the number of camera feeds of sleeping babies, which people often set up to protect them, but, being unaware of the risks, don't change the username or password from the default options that came with the cameras." so, where exactly is the risk of someone seeing my sleeping baby - unless i'm a pedophile and doing dirty things to it live on camera?

Comment: Re: have you seen that currentC payment process? (Score 1) 631

by unami (#48262403) Attached to: Why CurrentC Will Beat Out Apple Pay
btw., as this /. story arrived shortly after some currentC retailers were criticized for disabling the already working apple pay at their shops, this is probably a targeted pr-effort to reduce bad word of mouth in the tech-/early adopters - comunity. judging by the comments here, it looks like it backfired. hehe

Comment: Re: Build more nukes! (Score 1) 245

by unami (#47805999) Attached to: Power Grids: The Huge Battery Market You Never Knew Existed
because a moderately high iq (say around 120) unfornunately doesn't make you socially competent - there are plenty of assholes around that range. i'd argue that if you were smart enough - say 140 or above - you'd see the futility of being a total dick. but you'd probably have no energy problems anyways if you gas anybody below that. also, tv would be better.

Comment: what is this, a samsung advert? (Score 3, Insightful) 201

obviously, under ideal conditions for the samsung (brightly lit, mounted to a tripod, canon lens stopped down, canon footage graded in post to match the overly sharp look & oversaturated colors of the galaxy), they will produce similar videos. but that's the one exception, not the rule.

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