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Comment: Re: Contradiction in article summary (Score 1) 360

by unami (#49384825) Attached to: Why More 'Star Wars' Actors Don't Become Stars
it's not a contradiction, because those actors can also be marketed for commercials, convention/tv appearances, speeches, computer games, voice acting.... even if they don't get any more significant movie roles ever, they can still make a living (and thus have enhanced their marketability) with their star wars fame.

Comment: Re: what about this rarely-considered feature? (Score 2) 235

by unami (#49160251) Attached to: Samsung Officially Unpacks Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge At MWC
that would require some attention to detail, which samsung definitely lacks. it will get harder and harder for them to sell phones based on features that have long ago crossed the border of usefullness. 577 ppi - are you selling those phones to eagles? 16mp - i'd rather have 10mp with bigger pixels - plus those photos don't use that much space. 2.1 ghz quad + 1.5 ghz quad, 3gb ram? just give me software that runs on an 1.2 ghz dualcore, that should be more than enough. saves battery too.

Comment: Re: they have to compare it to the iphone 6, (Score 5, Insightful) 235

by unami (#49160205) Attached to: Samsung Officially Unpacks Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge At MWC
i don't get it why they drop differenciating features like water resistance, sd-card slot or removable battery instead of making them better. that were the features that made samsung-phones stand out. i can understand samsung wanting to go for the premium market. but they need more than an iphone with android and purportetly better features (in the end, it's still the software, stupid) for a piece of the iphone's cake

Comment: the reputation management didn't work in the case (Score 1) 126

by unami (#49117935) Attached to: Inside the Business of Online Reputation Spin
or was reversed by the guardian article - 23 out of the 26 first google-image searches now show me that hillarious/offending picture. in the case of adria richards - i think it's quite ironic that her getting hank fired monumentally backfired. they both lost a lot because of her overreacting, but she clearly got it worse. which seems quite fair to me.

Comment: depends... (Score 2) 249

by unami (#48792357) Attached to: Education Debate: Which Is More Important - Grit, Or Intelligence?
"We probably need to start rethinking our emphasis on intelligence," says Arthur E. Poropat citing research that shows that both conscientiousness and openness are more highly correlated with student performance than intelligence. " Or maybe we need to start rethinking why intelligence is less correlated with student performance than conscientiousness. In school i've seen a lot of stubborn idiots, who were successfull because they got on the teachers nerves until the teacher gave them good grades. or people who were just conformists and got good grades because they were more or less invisible. it depends on what the goals are - if you want a society of conformists, dominated by loud idiots, that's the way to go.

Comment: Re: And? (Score 1) 448

by unami (#48763037) Attached to: Unbundling Cable TV: Be Careful What You Wish For
but kaizendojo gave X&Y vs M through Z as an example. sure, unbundling the channels would increase the prize of individual channels. but the question is: would this be the end of channel bundles? wouldn't you not either buy the 15 out of 100 channels that really interest you or buy a 100 channel bundle if you thought you might be interested in another 20 channels as well (which would increase the price of the individual channels above the 100-channel bundle price) ?

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